I awaited a year long.
You took your time to come into my heart.
I waited.
We had time.
Cute, funny, lovely, beautiful moments.
We made unbreakable bond. A bond soo tight no external force could break.

We held our hands tight.
We dissolved into each other.
We made unforgettable memories.
We did innumerable things.
We were great together.
What happened all of a sudden?
The hand I thought I held forever suddenly left.
The person I always was with is no more with me.
The time we spent together, turned into the time I spent with who I thought I was with together
The moments we had just vanished into memories.

You came back, but told let’s be friend, but not love.
I was stunned.
Was that the same person I was with?
Are you the same person when we first met?
Are you, you?

I loved you in every second on the clock.
I loved you in every step we walked.
I loved you in every word I talked.
I loved you even in the darkness of life.
I loved you to the moon and back.

I thought we were going to get something, but you were trying to make me forget?

I was walking along with you in the dark, never expected you’d leave me all alone in the dark.
You walked into my heart again, you break it up again and again.
Times with you were beautiful, with you the world was beautiful.
But, if you leave, just let me know so that the pain won’t hurt when you move on from me.

Now I’m stuck here.
It’s crazy how when the person you had bestΒ  memories with, becomes a memory.
You left me inΒ  a blackhole of rage and confusion.


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