Chakras and death

There are 114 chakras, but 2 are out of the physical body and out of these 112, only 108 chakras can be worked upon.

From 112 chakras . Only 21 chakras are need for a body to function to lead a full fledged physically and social life. These 21 chakras are of seven sets with 3 chakras acting as one because of the energy dimension  Pingala, Ida and Sushumna.

The location of these chakras are:

Muladhara- Space between perineum and anal outlet
Swadhisthana- Just above genital organ
Manipuraka- Just below the navel
Anahata- Just beneath where the rib cage meets
Vishuddhi- At pit of the throat
Ajna- Between Eyebrows
Sahasrara- Top of the head.

When birth occurs, it comes in one by one. And so, when death occurs, it leaves one by one in order. Unfortunately, most people leave their body through Muladhara Chakra unconsciously. This is not a good way to leave the body, but unfortunately most people leave by this. (Read more in the reference(2))

Chakras as shown are not just in one place, instead ,they move around you based upon the action you are doing. If you have a certain mastery about life and the life energies, you can move them the way you want to.

What if a person dies consciously by choosing which Chakra they would leave through? How will it effect their next life?


Is next life is actually there? It depends on your Sanchitha karma. If its empty, you are liberated, broke free from cycle of life and death. If its still there, then Sanchitha karma allocates a new sack/ new karma known as Prarabdha karma for your next life.

You may not be born as a person, you can be born as anything/anyone depending on your karmic structure and previous life exiting.

Death only happens when your Prarabdha karma is empty(the allocated karma for this life). Until then, if the person leaves their body, the person is just a disembodied being.

If a person is conscious and decides to leave their body:

If one exits consciously through Muladhara Chakra, they can come back with enormous occult powers.

If one exits consciously through Swadhishthana Chakra, they can be born with extraordinary creative powers.

If one exits consciously through Manipura Chakra, one can be very capable of a very organized sense of action. They may become a great businessman or a great general.( A genius of organization)

If one exits consciously through Anahata Chakra, they can become a prodigy in music or arts. They could also become a sensitive poet or a devotee who could inspire millions. They could potentially be a polymath as they can access all other dimensions.

If one exits through Agna chakra, then he is intellectually realized.

If one exits consciously through Vishuddhi Chakra, they possess a perception of the world and beyond, a phenomenal sense of clarity will be predominant in them.


A person who is fully conscious will leave through Sahasrara Chakra(Very rare). For them they break the cycle of life and death.

Sahasrara is also known as Bhramarandha (Top of the skull). During cremation, most people wait for the skull to crack, also known as kapala moksham(Liberation through skull). When a person exits their body through Sahasrara chakra, an actual hole will be formed at top of the skull.

Only a yogi who has a complete understanding on the mechanics of life and death can do it. Intense , heart breaking and life times of sadhana is required to get to this state. But if you just give yourself to your guru, he will handle it.

Only through yoga, this can be possible. Anything and everything is your sadhana. From the way you breath to the way you sleep; From the way you feel to the way you think. Anything can be made as a sadhana, but only if you are willing.

Although being reborn with those kind of capabilities mentioned above is exciting, for me, this is the last life, no coming back.

Don’t just say Rest in Peace when a person is dead, instead be and make others to live in peace when they are still alive. This is just a brief happening.

Colin Root – Blackout

1) Death, an inside story- by Sadhguru


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