Caring about others opinion.
Let’s try to address and understand the fundamentals on why we do that. Essentially, we were grown up by opinions. Every part of our life, we are surrounded with opinions of other people. During childhood, in most cases, we were forced to choose others opinion. During schooling or college days, we again were moving our life with others opinion. Why?

It’s  just because we don’t know how to take the next step! We wanted a guidance, we thought, if we follow them or consider their opinion, we might have a better life than the one which we already have. We didn’t knew the path to walk on so without any risk, we were walking on the path of their opinion. Please understand this, if one says something good/bad, they can only say what have worked in their life. There might be thousands of things… Only 1 or 2 might have worked out for them and those too, we don’t know wether they choose those paths because they discovered it or wether it was said to them be some other person.

If the person explored all the paths and discover his way, it means that they are open to life and have the will to take a decision without the basis of fear on what might others think. The fear is caused due to the overthinking of processed words of others, the overthinking with you arises later after their words. Others fear because they are too scared to try out something new.

The only thing you need to do from making you stop thinking about others  opinion is, address the roots. If ones words or ones opinions occupy your mind the whole time, if it bothers you too much, just ask yourself, why is it bothering you? Just explore the possibilities of question from them. It’s good to have second opinion, but the first one needs to be yours and it should only come from you.

Be conscious of what you think and what you do.
You are the maker of your life.
At last, remember this, people can give every kind of opinion, but in the end, it’s your choice to choose whether to consider it or not.
Be conscious, be curious.


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