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Many things in the universe to unlock. Innumerable things in the world are left ot be understood. An individual human being is who he is only because of what he perceives. Only because of what he or she perceives, an individual human being becomes whoever they are. Whatever you perceive, is what makes you whatever you are today. This websites brings forward to you ,common topics and the rare topics we all have and we all hear with a completely new perspective.

What can i find here? What can i learn here? What does this website contain? Just have a few glance over few of the questions we would encounter here.

What is life?
How did life come into existence?
How many dimensions are present in this universe?
Do we live in a universe or do we live in a multiverse?
How are our thoughts and emotions related to the cosmos out there?
Are aliens real?
What are aliens?
What even is this human life about?
What it the purpose of life?
What if there is no purpose?
How does our brain work?
Why are emotions and thoughts two dominant features of life?
What is love?
Where is love? Is it out there or is it within you?
What are you searching for in your life? Happiness? Where is it?
How happy are you till now?
What is your ultimate goal? Are goals bounded ?
What is your ultimate vision? Do you have a vision or do you have a desire?
Is everything in our life destined?
How can we take the process of life under our control?

What are blackholes? What is their origin? Can we ever see one? if so how?
How did the idea of blackhole come into existence?
Where did science come from?
Why is mathematics language of the universe?
Are we living in a hologram or are we a simulation?
What is dark matter? Why cant we feel it?
How did atom come into existence?
What are strings? Why cant we see them?
What is reality? What is illusion?
Does every question need a definite answer?
Why is everything in the nature we see is soo symmetric and why do they follow a particular mathematical rule?
What is gravity? how is it caused?
How much time does it take to travel to another earth?
Are worm holes real?
Is time travel possible?
What is time?
What is existence?
What is thought ?
How does a thought originate?
How is a thought converted into a equation?

Browse on various topics like life,love,emotions,technology,space,cosmos,multiverse,universe,black holes, blazars, galaxies, stars, dark energy, dark matter, scientists ,ancient science, life forms, aliens, ancient life on earth, human energy, ancient cosmology, thoughts onΒ  life, mediation, experiences, evolution, transcendence, human brain, human body, soul, diving into the fundamental aspects of life and many more. Out of curiosity for sharing the knowledge and thoughts I have, i have begun this. Thoughts, which are never-ending, thoughts which questions the life itself, thoughts which dive into the depths of life, to find the answers of existence, questioning everything and finding answers through sharing. Thoughts and experiences which might help one find their way into life.Β  Let us explore various dimensions of life together; from the universe within to the universe out there; from science to spirituality.

Multiverse of Thoughts Universe of Life in the Cosmos (MTUL-C).

Enjoy the read while you are here and share your thoughts. Cheers. Peace.

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