I awaited a year long.You took your time to come into my heart.I waited.We had time.Cute, funny, lovely, beautiful moments.We made unbreakable bond. A bond soo tight no external force could break. We held our hands tight.We dissolved into each other.We made unforgettable memories.We did innumerable things.We were great together.What happened all of a sudden?The […]


What happens to him?

Those were the days, those were his best daysโ€ฆ., the days when he was with her. He enjoyed every moment he was with her, his soul fullness can be seen in every word he speaks with her, every contact he makes on her, every breath he breathes alongside her. He was mesmerized by her blazing […]

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Love, the most common term we hear around us and experience within us. What is love? What exactly is termed as love? What is the cause of it? Is it a consequence or a cause? When you are born, you knew nothing about any emotion or feel around you (except a few like hunger, pain, […]

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A Hope For Future

Dear people, We live in a country where a student is still judged by their marks and so-called grades. The education system is broken and corrupted. When asked, No One would answer anything and remain quite as they too came from this rotten education system. The same old syllabus, same old theoretical classroom lectures, the […]

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The Imaginary Moment

It was just another normal day. There was an event being held. Unplanned, she met me in an area we didnt think we would meet. It was daytime, the sun was blazing the beam to its full power. We didn’t knew where to go as the event wouldn’t start until evening. She went with her […]

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Neteru (Guiding Law/Principle) For April 21, 2018: PTAH Message From PTAH: Man has a dual existence, so he is constantly at war with himself. There is a physical self and a spiritual self. Some call these aspects the higher and lowerself or the darkness and the light. No matter the name the war is the […]

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Once they were two friends, a boy who is comely attracted by heart and a girl who is glamourous by her soul. They used to do a lot of things together. Play together, roam out the roads together, they would share every small secret with each other. During their silly fights, funny waves of laughter, […]



โ€Œ P. S. Offensive but deep. Who are friends? Not the dog fucking backstabbers, not the son of…, not the people who just let you be alone, not the shit heads who leave you, not the suckers who come to us when they need anything for them, not the blood fkers who copy your ideas, […]

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