Heart, a lovely organ in our body that keeps this life alive. It doesn’t just pump the blood, it goes beyond the complexities of life. Although the cover of the heart is biological, the experiences it takes our body and mind through is multi-dimensional. Love, hate, pain,fear, happiness, sadness, depression, ecstasy… every feeling we go through, the heart acts in its own way..It’s like the emotional dimension of life is embedded within the heart.

When you feel joy, it acts in a way such that the element of joy is filled inside every cell within the body. When the rage of thought strikes in you, it fires up your body and fills the fits with raging power. When you are blissed out, it calms down each and every movement, every thought within us. When sadness starts to fill up, it starts to drown raising heaviness within you. When you feel relieved after liberating out a buried thought, it feels lightened.

This rollercoaster ride of emotions is not just of heart, it’s got a background partner; the brain. Why background? The thought of love arises in you, causing sweetness of emotions within you which in turn tunes up your heartbeat. You could just FEEL the beat of your heart in your every breath when the emotion of love blossoms within you. That’s the reason, your heart would beat shallower and harder when you get close to your loved one, It pauses your brain and makes emotions of missing and love crawl through your spine when you get a thought of the person you love. You might feel that even when you read this.

When you start to miss that person, this crazy beat of heart just shifts its tune and sinks our senses for a while. It’s fun and all until you come out of that thought. The true reality would then sink in.

The same with a bit of variation, goes on with rage, fear and pain. The tune just shifts which just moves away the whole body.

Soo powerful yet soo fragile, this life. Any excess emotion at the wrong moment would just break away that tool that runs our life and leaves the life on a halt.

A fragile thought could cause a powerful reaction within the body that in turn twists our thoughts and actions.

Just pause your thoughts for a while and TAKE A BREATH. β€πŸ€— \(@^0^@)/


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