Emotions, one of the most fundamental aspects in life that we all have. Love, hate, anger, depression, anxiety, happiness, loneliness and many more. Each emotion is deeply attached within our lives. Each emotion is a tool which is life-changing if we use them in a beautiful and controlled way, and are life devastating if they are uncontrolled. The most common emotion which almost makes us go through all others. Love. Love an emotion which mostly poets, philosophers took its true feel into the cosmos. What Is Love? Why do we fall in love? Is love necessary for every human being? Why one feels love in one-way one way and other in others? Why is such a thing as love, which happens in the most unexpected way at an unexpected time? Why does one feel love towards a particular thing/a particular person? When one is broken, if they make themselves in such a way that there is no more love in their lives, why do even those kind of people fall in love? Why should one โ€œfallโ€ in love? What makes it soo painful when one falls out of love or why one breaks up? What does breaking up mean? What does moving on even mean? Are you moving away from those emotions and thoughts? Or are you pausing those thoughts at a particular moment to remind yourself on what happened? Why do thoughts keep on repeating themselves even though one does not want them?

When we are born, as soon as we feel the first molecule of oxygen within our lungs directly from the air , as soon as we feel the first light rays beaming the brain through eyes, we unknowingly start to cry. It is because we are out of an environment where we have been living our lives in a warm and protected region. We didnโ€™t knew what to do once we were out, so we started to wiggle our whole body and started to cry unconsciously. Later as time passed, we slowly knew to learn things and people around us. Until a certain age, till 13-14 years of age, we didnโ€™t knew much. But the actual change in body, mind, emotions, and energy starred to take place at that age. Nature made our body release certain kind of hormones within us. There were tremendous changes within and out of the body, including with the emotions, thoughts, energies and the life itself. The world for us drastically changed after that sudden surge of hormones. Every little point on a person/thing became a world by itself. Remember, we were unconscious of these happening in depth, but we were familiar with the happening in our body and on lives. There are certain emotions, love, anger, pain to mention a few since our birth.

Love, one of the most wonderful experience in our life. When people are in love, they see the world in one way and when people are out of love, they see the world in another way. When they are in love if they see a rose, regardless of the thrones, they only see the rosebud and make tremendously beautiful/disastrous things. When they are out of love, all they would see are the thrones and pain. Isnโ€™t it true that it is the same person/thing that you hate the most was the same person/thing which once you love?  What causes that shift? What caused one to choose it? Love happens in different ways in one’s life. It is only how one accepts that emotion. Love is nothing but sweetness of emotions. When ones emotions are sweet, they say they are in love. It is like they are creating/entering a certain kind of environment around themselves where they are protected/ when they feel comfortable around them, like living in an ever-expanding cosmic womb. It is a beautiful feel generated within. The sweetness is generated within you, which is simulated by someone/something. It is because they are simulated or raised the sweetness โ€œwithin youโ€, you like to be with them, and you feel like that sweetness would be inside you if they stay with you always. Loving here is like longing for that person/thing as they continuously simulate the sweetness โ€œwithinโ€ you.  That sweetness which is generates within you might be of any form , youโ€™d love a nation, a place, thing, animal, weather, planet, fragrance, words just because they produce some pleasantness within you and that pleasantness would produce the sweetness within you which makes you long more for them.

One can bring that kind of pleasantness in your life in any manner you might have experienced that kind of sweetness within you which was never ever simulated by anyone in your life rather than them. It like came across with something/someone who would fill some gaps in your life. And to maintain that sweetness you feel like you shouldnโ€™t leave them.  It is that kind of experience where every emotion you have has reached a state of sweetness and pleasantness which make YOU feel comfortable and pleased. It is because of experiencing one’s emotion in that level, you fell loved. Once you are in love, you see the world in a different way. But once ask yourself, are you sharing the love within you with that person or are you extracting the love from that person? If it is extraction, remind yourself that you are exploiting the other personโ€™s emotion. Exploitation doesnโ€™t last long. If you are doing so, you arenโ€™t just exploiting their emotions; your exploiting the personโ€™s life itself. If you are sharing the emotion which is generated within you, by YOU, wouldnโ€™t everything be in a smooth flow? Of course, there would be some random bumps here and there, but youโ€™d be able to control them once you know how to control your emotions. Here controlling doesnโ€™t mean you need to be superior to them or anything something like that. It just means to take charge of them. After all, it is you who should decide with consciousness on what to do or what not to.

Now ,why does one feel soo painful when one loses their loved ones? When you are with a person, you are not just attached with them emotionally, but even with the body and mind along with the emotions which share certain memory with them. It was your choice that you chose to be with that person, you allowed your memory to be shared with that person. Now, if you try to break or if you lose that person, its like tearing yourself apart. You tear apart a part of your memory, which was stitched into the souls. Tearing apart definitely hurts. Even if you try to move away from them in mind, your body would still be carrying that memory. It is a must that you should give yourself some amount of time to allow it to heal itself. Without recognizing this, people jump into another relations and would suffer even more. Besides them being suffered, they make the person staying with them to suffer. It takes each individual some amount of time to realize them. To avoid that, you need to allow yourself some time to recover by exploring within. Just come back to some certain distance within your mind where you could observe what happened where. Having a bigger view of life isnโ€™t a bad thing.

Once you learn how to make every emotion within you sweet, youโ€™d be able to do everything lovingly. You donโ€™t need to find love, you would be the love itself. Emotions are a part of life; one needs to learn how to handle them. Only if you have thought about a particular thing, only then a certain emotion is developed โ€œwithinโ€ you. Learn to handle the thoughts, handle them in a way that everything you do and everything you feel is sweet.

Once you transcend the limitations of thoughts and emotions, you would enter a dimension of blissfulness. A dimension of life, which is awaiting to be explored to feel the life itself. Human beings are not just normal beings. The moment you realize what being human means, you can unlock the mysteries of cosmos and dissolve into it.


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