Walking alone is tough. Walking alone is life taking. Walking alone squeezes the life out of you. You may be alone, mentally, physically, emotionally and in any other means. Are you scared to be alone? It is a lonely road, a tough one.

Remember this thing when you feel to give up and stop walking. Only a few can walk this path. Only those people would walk in here who wants to build their lives up instead of giving their lives to someone else and follow them like sheep. Are you broken? Are you feeling lonely? Are you feeling betrayed? Do you feel like giving up the work you have started? Are you living the life or are you leaving the life?

Remember this; those who fly alone have the strongest wings. Cry, however hard you want to cry but remember, never cry for the same reason. Break yourself down, crumble down the castle you live in, which is built by others. It is making you feel that you are protected, but it is limiting you within those walls. Break the thoughts down one by one. Pull out the bricks. Let the castle you live in crumble to dust. Dive deeper, deeper than you ever went into your entire life. Walk through the darkest days of your life. Walk through them hard. Life is rough, you got to be tough. You are strong and thatโ€™s the exact reason you have been given this life. This is your life. These are your thoughts. You need to be in charge of your life. You need to be the maker of your life.  You are the maker of your life. Donโ€™t let someoneโ€™s words affect your life, however close they may be, do not let them effect. This is your life. You need to make it as you need it.

Only you walk your life, not an emotion or a thought, they arenโ€™t you to walk your life. You need to build your life. Walk through the toughest storms in your life. Walk through hell. Let it be in any manner physical, psychological, emotional, let it be in any manner. Dig deeper into your life every second. If you want success, go for it. Let anything come in your way. Be strong enough to either climb it or break that barrier and reach what you always wanted to reach.

If you want to love, donโ€™t chase for anything. Love is within you. You are love. If you make yourself in such a way, where you are always a joyful human being; who would stop falling in love with you?

Be the maker of your life. Tough times donโ€™t last longer. After every tough storm, there comes the sunlight piercing through the clouds; shining its beauty all over. When you are in pain, observe it. Observe how hard the pain can hit you. Let the time pass and survive until the storm within you clears. Embrace the light. Embrace life. Be thankful to every moment in your life. Walk alone if you need to. Walk in a herd when needed, but always remember, you are the maker of your life. The way you are with others would reflect the very way you are within yourself.

Remember, this is your life. You are in charge of it. Look at every struggle in your life as a blessing, as they are helping you to build yourself stronger and stronger every second of your life. Bow down to the darkness and embrace it as it shows how big your world is when the light shines. Do not fear to be alone. Do not fear to be you. Fear is simply an imaginative construct of something which didnโ€™t happen.

 Be the way you are, but remember there would be others who would follow you; some make sure you show them the true path. Clear the path; clear it by piercing the thrones of the obstacle through your soul if needed. Make sure you are building yourself up. It hurts, you feel raged by doing those things all by yourself. Turn that rage into courage and build it. Build your life up. You are the only person who can shape your life. You are the only person to act upon every thought you generate. You are the only person who generated a thought. You are the only person who lives your life. You are the only person who is responsible for your life. This is the life throwing the challenges at you, to check your responsibility, the ability to respond to life. Strike back hard. Take a hard fall, but build back up. Rise through the walls of fear and doubts after every fall. Everything you are doing, for everything you are surviving, for everything you are living, it will be paid off. You are the only person who enjoys the fruit of your life. Itโ€™s your choice to choose whether to make it a sour fruit or the sweetest fruit. YOU ARE A COMPLETE BEING.


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