Life, a beautiful happening. No one ever dreamt of being born in a perfect world. Even before “you” were born, there is no such thing as “you” in this world. Life, it looks like a accidental happening; but if you observe deeply and carefully, you would be blown by the wonders which can be achieved by being born as a human. We live in the most comfortable era. You are leading a luxurious life which the kings in the ancient times only could imagine of. Information from all around the world is literally at your fingertips. But besides that, there is an enormous record of exceeding depression in people and deaths. Death by other causes can be understood. But just dying because of a wiggly thought? Out of all the forces which are acting upon this planet to keep one alive, one chooses to die over a thought?  Why should you even think about dying? Every second passing is taking you closer to your grave. Why this mental mess? Why this psychological pain?

            As a conscious being, we need to understand this; – being born as a human is not some misfortune; it’s a tremendous possibility. Let us address the basis of all the suffering- both of which, which are caused on others and to one’s self.

            It is scientifically known that, human beings are categorized under animals. They eat, sleep, reproduce, die. We do the same. The only thing which separates us (humans) from them is – we do them consciously. Nature took care of our biological development- from a monkey to a human- it then left the further developments (the conscious development) on us. It is only because the early humans started to think consciously, we are now able to sit comfortably and do whatever we want to do. Or else you, me and others would just be some developed apes trying to eat a fish from the flowing river (or) some gorilla, and keep on banging our chest. What exactly do we mean by “thinking consciously”? It just means that we are aware of our thoughts and started to question the existence, in the generations which followed.

            The problem now is just this; we are given a powerful tool (the human body) without an instruction manual.  Why give importance to thoughts? –you might wonder. Thoughts lead to almost everything we do; from the actions we do to the feels we experience. Isn’t it important to address it? Isn’t it important to learn how to exactly use this powerful tool?

            From the environment we grew to the societies we spread; everyone has something to say on what to think. Only a handful would come forward to teach us how to think. Every action/word that you (or) others do, indirectly affects you. You may not know it, but deep inside your brain, the sub conscious stores it. The subconscious is like a fertile soil. If you sow a poisonous seed, it grows. If you sow a magic seed, it grows. It just depends on you on which seed should be sown. Due to reasons unknown, our brain was filled with distorted and corrupted thoughts which now sunk its roots deep into the subconscious. From self-developed morals to so called ethics, anything can be a reason for the suffering (or) the pain you are experiencing now.  You may act normal in front of people; but inside, you feel like you are stuck in the eye of a super massive hurricane from which there is no escape. At least now; don’t you think it’s time to look inwards? Isn’t it time to go through all those identities which you have built up till now?

            Don’t try to jump into conclusions directly- if you do so, you might find yourself falling into a deep abyss. Look at it slowly, observe it. Slowly analyse it, not with morality, but with conscious. What is that which caused you to suffer? Were you left to suffer? Or were you left in pain? Careful here; suffering is a choice one choose. Just look at it the way it is. What was the reason for the pain in you? Was it your experience or was it you expectation?  Was it a conscious choice or was it a compulsion? Are they causing it or is it you who are repeatedly allowing yourself to have its effect on you?

            Isn’t it true that these experiences are taking place within you? And these internal things later find their expressions in the outer world. Now that you have found the roots of your suffering, you want to remove it. If you are given a choice between unpleasantness and pleasantness-not anywhere, but within you-isn’t it true that you would choose pleasantness? Here the entity which chooses this is the conscious you. What the “conscious you” mean? It just means that, you are aware of the mechanism and now you want to remove the unpleasant experiences within you. Now, if you water (or) feed a plant with nutrients, you’ll have a enriched soil and you’ll have a sweet fruit you longed for. If you feed the plant with poisoned filled water, the soil loses its fertility and slowly dies. It just depends on what you feed.

The similar mechanism goes with the thoughts. For this, the important thing you need to do is, cut all the inputs which bring you unpleasantness.  Should I kill the inputs? Should I throw them away? Absolutely not! The beauty of your pleasantness comes into effect here. You unconsciously brought those unpleasant things into your life. Now that you are aware, instead of throwing them away (or) pushing them away; just pleasantly allow them to go. It shows the beauty of you when you let them go with pleasantness even though they caused you pain. Let it be a person or a thing, a thought or an emotion; allow it to pass slowly. Embrace the thoughts and emotions which occur during this process. Moreover, embrace the pain. When you start to embrace the pain, even the worst of your memory /experience would help you to evolve- Evolve into a conscious pleasant blooming being.

Don’t try too hard, just allow it to happen. Just let it flow. Go slow with the flow. Its like, you accidently caused a tiny but deep splinter on your finger. Without the necessary tools, its hard to come out. If you leave it there, it would interfere in every other action you do and it might spread. While removing it, there will be tremendous pain; you feel like to leave it alone, but once you pull it out, it slowly recovers and the pain vanishes. After a certain time, even the spot of the splinter on the area vanishes. This process is similar to that.  Don’t expect things to happen fast. You have accumulated them over a certain period. You invested your time upon it. Similarly, invest some time to let them pass. Isn’t it worth to invest your time for your wellbeing? It takes time. Allow yourself to find conscious expressions. If you want to stay alone, just stay alone.  Stay alone but not lonely. You may feel like you are in turmoil, but remember; you’re dissolving all the illusions you had to get a solution, which is helping you to get closer to truth- not just of thoughts and emotion; but whole of the life itself.

Whenever something hurts you, you have two choices; you can either become wounded or you can become wiser. The more hurt you are, the wiser you should be , isn’t it?

            When you are able to produce the gap between you and the identities you accumulated, when you are able to approach everything with pleasantness-from a stone to a person, when the longing of life increases within you, when you are starting to approaching the different dimension of life consciously; you will find that dissolution( dis-illusion) is the only solution.


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