Humans, fellow beings; as a species we’ve come a long way in the process of evolution, yet we are infants in the cosmic scale. Being; why are we called even as a being and nothing else in the world we know isn’t called that way? It is just because we; as a “human” know how to actually “be” by allowing the flow of consciousness and the capability to think without any boundaries on this planet.

Today, we experience the facilities which even our ancestors couldn’t have imagined of. In past, people used to travel thousands of miles to hand over a note to a person living in the other part of the world. But today, right now as you read this; you have information from all across the globe dancing on your fingertips. Technology is evolving much faster than imagined and the science behind it is evolving even faster. Science and Technology aren’t just things which evolved by themselves. Millions of people with their curiosity, work towards a specific task or towards a specific answer in a particular field. Most of us take almost everything as granted. You wouldn’t probably be having that cloth on you if a farmer who harvests his crop wouldn’t have worked for every single day to help grown the plants, protect it and pick up its products. You wouldn’t probably be having the device in which you are reading this  if not for hundreds of scientist over decades of their work in the human history had this curiousness to bring a complex gadget of machinery into a simple piece of device. All of this, and many which are not yet listed, almost most of us take it for granted.

Yet, this generation brags on someone cussing at them? Or arguing with someone who still thinks the earth is flat? or fighting with that neighbor who “accidentally” dumps their garbage near yours every day. What is going on? Did we ever take a step back for a single moment and see what we have achieved? What barriers we broke? The mechanism behind it? I’m not saying that we should keep digging into our past (no; that’s a terrible thing). Most of the times, in many cases from private  to public; having a glimpse into the past and moving forward did no harm to anyone ( although sticking with the past did) besides, it gave a new perspective to life; not just technologically or scientifically but psychological and emotional.

This human body is the most sophisticated machine on this planet we know of. Not just as a physical body but as a body of multiple dimensions of life and as far as we know, this human brain is the most complex machine we have ever known.


Agree or disagree; the way we think is the way we become. The way we acquire the knowledge and the way we perceive the world around us is the way we build our “reality”. The experience of reality differs from with each individual. (Nonetheless, everyone will die someday). Most of the people try to live the so called “socially created reality” and go on with it as if there is nothing more than it. But there are few, who have a vision, who have a dream and made their dream as a reality; and they are the only people who made a great transformation on this planet.

This is a boon we have from nature. We aren’t planted deep into the ground at a fixed place as a tree nor do we have a limited power of imagination. (P.S trees are boon, no offense). It is just that we are given an opportunity to be flexible and not be stationed at a particular area (physically and psychologically). You may wonder on  How powerful can the human imagination be?  – centuries ago, a man named John Michell imagined that there would be a dark star which doesn’t emit but absorbs light, far in the deep space across the cosmos. Centuries later, many great scientist and mathematicians like Schwarzschild, Einstein, Hawking, Penrose( and many more) with their imagination and intelligence derived mathematical equations for that object which lead us to observe the first ever image of a black hole which no human civilization in the history had a chance to look.  A tiny speck of life made of sub atomic particles on earth imagined a object which might possibly exists in the cosmos. Among these billions of galaxies with trillions of stars in them in this ever expanding universe, what do you think the possibility is?

We ourselves create an imaginary boundary within our minds and think that, that is the only world one could have. We have these self-created boundaries of religion, greed, creed, race, thoughts, contradiction, restrictions and what not. This brain we have, we have directly been gifted by nature with major faculties of life-Thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, most of the people in today’s world “largely” use these greatest things against themselves and suffer. Thinking is a boon; it is because of that humans made miraculous inventions and discoveries; but being stuck in a particular thought process is a bane.

It is better to have a doubt and discovery the doubt than to be clouded with conclusions.

Just answer these simple questions for yourself- who is in control of your thoughts? –why is the way you think, is the only way you could think?- who is in charge of your life?- who has the capability to change what’s going within you?-who has the power to change your thoughts?

It is you, isn’t it? Unfortunately, all these happen unconsciously. That is the only reason you indirectly try to suppress a particular problem in your mind which bounces back again and again causing all sorts of psychological disorders. What should one do to overcome these? Once you dis-identify from your thoughts and once you become aware of that thought/thought process; no one needs to tell you that you need to find a solution to it; no one needs to tell you that you yourself are the solution.

Where did the problem arise? How did it arise in the first place? It’s in the way you think isn’t it? Where would the solution pop-up? It won’t pop-up until you bring it. “How do I bring it?” Find the root cause of the problem. When you try find the root cause of that problem, it’s going to be hard; it’s like peeling off the layers of an onion. But once you reach the core, you will find the source/ root from where the problem actually started. What could be the root of almost all problems? “Contradictory belief system”. You are subconsciously trying to stick on with few particular belief systems or patterns and you sub-consciously try to contradict the same pattern. If you try to bring morality everywhere; it could result in a chaos. But once you start looking at the things the way they are, the perfect chaos becomes a beautiful order.

What is order? What is chaos? Do you think they are the same? Do you think they are different? Here’s a small example which may help you decide – a forest may look chaotic, but as you go deeper, you find a perfect order-it grows symmetrically even though it’s not taken care of in the first place. Whereas, a garden may seem to be in order, but once you leave, you know how wildly it grows. If you try to moralize/conclude every thought you have, it’s like cutting off the grass in the garden, which grows wildly once you stop trimming it. But if you look at those thoughts without identifying yourself with them, you’ll slowly realize the order they bring within you.  Even the universe, which is chaotic in microscopic scale and perfectly in order at macroscopic scale stays as one. Think about that for a while.

It is your mind. Only you know how it goes and only you can be in charge of it. The same goes with emotions. If you want sweetness to bloom –you can make it possible. If you want misery to bloom- you can make it equally possible. Most of our thoughts, nearly all of them are linked with our emotions- joy, misery, bliss, bane, pain, pleasure, ego, satisfaction these are the chemicals within you reacting in a certain way which is indirectly effecting your thought process. Think about it for a while; isn’t it only because you gave too much value to a particular thought, you are still carrying it as a burden?  Isn’t it because you are too attached to that thought, you find it hard to leave? But as soon as you look at the thought without that particular attachment, have you ever noticed how quickly it vanishes? It’s just too beautiful to explain, but experience. “Should I take something to control those chemicals?” Absolutely not (you do know the consequences one needs to face once external chemicals inflict with internal chemicals); our body which as and has a consciousness has everything necessary for a life to bloom bliss. It is the choice of an individual on what emotion one likes to have. What is that you like to have?

 How wonderful would it be if each cell in your body becomes ecstatic? “Do I need a support of anything to achieve it?”  “Is there any method?”- If you want to be ecstatic, just be ecstatic. Who is stopping you to be a bliss body other than you? This body has enough materials within itself to create an atmosphere within yourself which you could permanently be in. External situations, we aren’t in control of them; internal – you are 100% in control of them. Should I do whatever I want to have it? Of course, but only if you act with a sense of conscious and awareness. You would then do what exactly is required and leave what isn’t.

You are the master of your life. No one is going to hear what thoughts you are having (but they would be interested in what you are thinking), so why create complex contradictions with different amalgamations of analogies of life?

“If you can do what you do best and be happy, you’re further along in life than most people.”

– Leonardo DiCaprio

Once you are aware of yourself and your “self”, the ocean of consciousness just flows on. You just need to look at everything the way it is. Only then you can go beyond acceptation/rejection of reality and then you can have your ultimate reality. If you hate something, start doing what you hate( if it bothers too much , just leave it but have a glimpse into what you “hate”)- as you proceed, the difference between hate/love would vanish. Once you are aware of it, you’ll transcend the limitations of a human being and you would then feel the true potential of being a human.


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