Many people all around the world have their own meaning and their own understanding for the word spirituality. But, what exactly do we mean by spirituality? How is it not different from of culture or tradition or some belief? What makes one spiritual? What is the basis of spirituality? Did one discover it or did one invent it? Is the spiritual feeling same for everyone?  Can inanimate objects be spiritual? Can animals be spiritual? What is the beginning and the end of spirituality?

Let us understand this from the roots. Spirituality just means this; as we all know, even modern science is pointing it out, that, everything in the universe is the same energy which manifested itself into different form. The gluons, quarks, protons, neutrons, electrons, neutrinos, atoms, molecules, objects, You, your pet, the gadget your holding, the light which is beaming out from the screen, the breeze which is flowing by you, the rocks, trees, every person on this planet, every planet, every galaxy, every other force which is acting upon us and on this universe including the universe itself is of same energy. This energy found expression into various forms which led to the things which are mentioned above and to the dimensions which are yet to be experienced and explored by a human. When we say one is spiritual or when we say when one is experiencing spiritual moments, it just means that they are partially able to experience and feel the oneness( or the energy which drives everything) . In modern society, people might have experienced few situations where one might feel spiritual for a moment. It’s like a uncontrolled switch for them. Unconsciously, the universe itself is trying to find its expression through you. If you are still, not just physically or mentally but energy wise; if you are still, the whole of the cosmos would flow right within you and through you. There is no more “this” and “that”, you simply become one with the existence itself. When one becomes one with the existence, they are called as a “yogi”. When one wants to walk towards this path, we call it as “yoga”. The term “Yoga” literally means union. It just means that, one realized that everything in this universe is the manifestation of the same energy in million different forms.  That same energy took the form of a rock, a tree, water, air , you , a galaxy, a planet , a seed, a baby and everything else which one could ever imagine.

To be a yogi means to live without the coffins that people build around themselves. Yoga means union. It means you have breached the boundaries of the physical and have the ability to touch and experience everything in the universe. Unless a human being acquires this quality, they are somehow trying to hide from life.


Most of the people now-a-days misunderstand “yoga” as body bending or some kind of thing which you need to do at some particular time of the day and leave it rest of the day. Yoga is a perfect science which was brought to the world by just looking inwards. Modern science looks at the world objectively and tries to unlock the mechanism of nature by just deducing and dissecting what they look in million different ways. Yoga is the science, where one can experience and explore the existence just by turning inwards. This science explores the world subjectively. The people whom we call as yogi can be simply seen as scientists (in one way), but they are much more than what we can think of in “science”.

So, do I mean that people who look at that world objectively are wrong? Are they doing things in the wrong way? People study for many years to understand something which they are curious about, is it waste of their time? Scientists died exploring a field in nature and bring out the mechanics of it, does it mean that they have wasted their life for nothing? Does it mean that, the “modern science” that we talk about is useless?  Does it mean that, scientist are approaching nowhere by the modern science?

 Absolutely not!

It is only due to the development of modern science, the world changed technologically. We are enjoying the comforts of technology which no human (in the previous generations) had. Just by holding a certain gadget in our hands, we are able to access worlds of information right at our fingertips. Just by posting a video/a file on internet, we are able to communicate throughout the world.  Never before in the human history, such thing as happened. Most of the people are taking everything for granted. Let this be reminded; most of the social networking sites we use, these things didn’t exists a century ago. We could simply look at someone’s profile whenever we want just by tapping few buttons on the screen. Just some 50 years ago, if you wanted to meet someone to if you wanted to look someone, you need to travel wherever they are just to have a glimpse of them. Look at the things now. Didn’t they change drastically? It is only due to the modern science that we are able to see unbelievable things- on earth and in space- .The black hole image for an example. Around 200 years ago, no one imagined anything of such kind. Only during the time of emerging modern science, the idea of black hole had been widespread. It was an “idea” ( theoretically) until recently , when we captured the first image of a black hole. This is a tremendous achievement for the human race. Not just this, we (scientists) were able to capture an image of particles in quantum entanglement. If you observe the beauty of this(the developments of modern science), we were able to physically prove the existence of things which only one could ever imagine. From the macroscopic scale (Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), Black Hole image) to the microscopic scale (quantum entanglement, image of an atom, orbital arrangements of electrons in an atom). What a wonder! What a tremendous achievement! We were even able to land objects from this planet onto another planets( mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter) and we even were able to send probes into deep space ( Voyager 1&2, for example) which are probably travelling in the interstellar space right now. Just imagine these marvellous feats we have achieved. This life, these comforts of technology, these sciences; it should not be taken for granted. Although we have come this far in terms of scientific and technological advancements, when we look around ourselves and within ourselves, we find many people carrying long faces, being depressed, sad, idiotic, senseless, filled with greed, hatred, ego, morals, ethics, idiotic identities. Unfortunately, this is the only generation where people (especially youth) are being suicidal and depressed. In spite of these tremendous developments, we can’t find any person who is blissful by themselves.  We are unable to find or we rarely find people who are joyful by themselves, people who are complete, people who are full of life, people who are ecstatic. We can’t wake up blissfully, we can’t indulge into the society blissfully, we can’t eat blissfully, we can’t rest blissfully, we even are unable to be blissful or joyful when we are asleep. Every small thing which is taking place within us has become a huge barrier for our-self. We are just being picky about everything, from the way we sleep, the way we drink to the way we eat. We can simply sit and just experience the whole universe through the breath. We can simply sit and experience this whole cosmos from its beginning to its end. But, even our own backs became a problem to us. Even the way we breathe has become a big problem. Why is this?  Why can’t one experience these things? Why can’t one go beyond the physicality?  Why can’t someone simply be still? Why this physiological and psychological mess? How should one get over this? How can one experience life? How can one be life? How can one get rid of all the identities? Why can’t I use this body the way I want? What can’t I make my mind in such a way that it becomes a wishing tree? Why can’t, whatever I wish, comes into existence right away? Is there any way that the body takes care by itself without any involvement? Is there a way we can just fill our stomach by breathing air? Is there any way where we could explore and experience all the dimensions of life? Is there any way where I could just move through the whole cosmos on my fingertips? Is there a way to create a life? Is there a way to read someone’s mind completely? Is there a way to predict the future? Is there a way to know the past lives? Is there a way to get rid of “karma”?  Why these emotions? Why is love? Why do I have intense attachment on someone/something? How can I detach? Why does love feel blissful during the start and later turn into a poison? How can I get over? How can I recover from the loss of someone who is near and dear to me? Why do I always have this pain? Why can’t everything be the way I wish? Why should this suffering only happen to me? How can I get rid of all emotions? How can I always be joyful? How can I get my mind under my control? How can i make this life happen? Can I be full of joy, blissed out every moment of my life and yet be involved intensely on the work I do? How can I remove the stress from my life permanently? How to live efficiently?  Is there a way to know “life”?  Is there a way to experience ‘LIFE’?



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