What is the purpose of life? What if there is no purpose? We humans thrive as an individual or as a group to know the purpose of life in many ways possible. We are born, we grow, we live; we “try to survive in this society”, we find multiverse of questions to achieve in this universe of life, few may find, few may give up. But till the last breath, every human is thriving to understand the existence of life, its purpose and its ways to live. We feel we are special in this universe and have something unique and mysterious to achieve. On one side, we are special but let’s look into this possibility.

We live on a round planet( yes; flat-earthers , hush, go away, this site isn’t for you and yes climate change is real) which orbits in the voids of space around an average sized star, our sun, which in turn ; collectively as a solar system orbits the center of the galaxy ; while the galaxy itself is bashing  into the space at tremendous speeds and the universe itself is expanding faster and faster than we could imagine; and most possibly ,our universe ,as one of the bubble might be swirling its way across this vast multiverse we possibly might live in. That’s a huge picture; lets narrow it down to deduce the mysterious possibility for the purpose of life.

From then till now
What IF you could see the multiverse?

There are many millions to billions of rocky planets which might possibly lie in the zone of “the goldlocks zone”, each orbiting a sun within the milky-way galaxy itself. Now try to estimate the number of planets in each galaxy in the ever expanding universe; considering the galaxy IC1101 which might be seen as a universe by itself if you are in it. That’s just a rough image to just estimate the size of galaxies. Narrowing further down; let’s come into our solar system. As of now, we find life exists only and only on earth. Let’s hypothetically figure out the chances of life on other planets/moons in our solar system. We majorly look for life on other planets thinking in terms of water. As we, living beings on planet earth find water as one of the most essential ingredient of life. Going back into the evolution chain ( yes, evolution is also real; now hush away if you don’t think  your DNA is 98% or more similar to that of chimps (chimpanzees).) we have found traces of water and rivers which might possibly exists on the red planet; the mars. There are evidences which suggest that there might be water flowing down below the surface of moon. There are visual evidences of water splurging out into the atmosphere through geysers from a moon of Saturn, Enceladus. There are frozen lakes of water and other material in different regions of planet/moons. For of now, when we think in terms of water and other ingredients which we are made up of; we find the possibility is a bit good. Now try to imagine different forms of life in various environments under various circumstances which might possibly be made of different ingredients. Try expanding this image of different life forms through the galaxy of ours and on other innumerable galaxies in this every expanding observable universe. The universe is nearly 98-99% non-physical. Our “life”, exists within that 1-2% in that physical dimension. Now zoom out that imagine for existence of life forms by adding dimensions. Not the daily image you(as a human life form) might possibly fit in right?


The “life” might not possibly that rare as we previously thought it might have been. We unconsciously nourished our minds to think only about the possible and only about the limited. The existential answers of modern days are limited by the limits on the evidences found in science. You might ask, why should we limit ourselves to the evidence possible? Why can’t we look and just look something towards the impossible? The answer might turn out in a way which would say, we might not be able to afford that much financial investment into that particular area. Wow; its amazing isn’t it? Being a rare species of life (for now) to exists in the universe is limited by the self-created term of “money” and stop exploring the vastness of universe. Its soo amazing and totally stupid. Of course, advancement of life economically might have brought us into the stage where we possibly are at now (yep, consider all factors, both of them, the so called “good” and the “bad”). This could change when every human being is individually looking their life in terms of universe instead of being limited to a particular area and being identified with something limited. There are humans or other forms of life which existed on earth way before we have come into existence (we, in the sense of modern humans). The ancient life forms of humans or other species which possibly could exists and the technology they have used is far beyond the reaches of modern humans. We might ignore this and ask why we should care about our fundamental curious thoughts about life and universe. One important thing, you might most possibly carry the atoms and elements which came from a/few exploding stars billions of years ago, on one arm and atom of another star in another arm. There is a solid psychological, physical and spiritual (yes it’s a science of life) proof which says that we belong to the universe as it is the only place where the atoms in our body and ourselves as a whole came into existence.


We find it impossible to escape from the curious answers we always want to know. These things go way deep into all of our lives as an individual and as a group. From the moment we become aware of the surroundings and as we grow up, we find many many things which we might feel are unnecessary or inevitable. You yourself might have been/ are in that place right now. We find that we want to live a happy life, but we are unable to live it. It is all because we are “trying” to be happy instead of actually being happy. How to be something without trying anything you might ask; you don’t need to be something to be something which you are not. Look at the children. They are happy no matter what happens. When you ask them, how they are soo happy, you might find yourself in a counter question of what does happy mean. The joyfulness is self-dependent, no one takes joy from you except you. It is natural for everyone. It’s the nature of a human to be joyful. But somewhere along the path of growth something took off in a different direction. You were a kid once, you were happy then, you know that; what happened now? You might conclude that answer by saying some incident took place or just by neglecting the question. You are living in the present, but you are reliving the past by processing the past thoughts. You might use them wonderfully if you know how to use them. It is still in your hands that you lead the life the way you want.

What was the cause yesterday, had become the effect of today and the effect of today becomes the cause tomorrow.”

Talking about something inevitable; PAIN, something which everyone has encountered in their life in many different forms. From physical to psychological. Few suffer from it, few  grow from it. Pain is inevitable but suffering is choice. Many things in our life, we find ourselves outraged or troubled in many situations with family/with friends/ with colleagues/ with loved ones/ with society/ ourselves deeply being in trouble with our self. Later we might start to find answers to them in most of the weird way. We might be able to solve few, we might choose to leave few. Everything you experience, your surroundings or the people you meet have some or the other effect on you in one or the other way. The change maybe subtle but we notice it lately in our lives. Every human you encounter has an effect on you, that depends on how the other person is nourished, how the other person thinks, how the other person was nourished in their childhood days to behave in a particular way the way they behave today, how the other person was made to think in a particular way and suppress things. When we talk about suppression, we really need to go deep into that matter seriously. You might not realize it, but you are under the influence of suppression all the time. Consider a situation, a situation where you find yourself relaxing the body calmly / look into the sky for a prolonged period / concentrate on something you need to do. In those moments, you find yourself disturbed by some unnecessary thoughts. You might feel them as unnecessary, but if you try to look into that matter, you find those thoughts are something which you wanted to do at some point in time. You might have ignored them (the thoughts) at that point but look at what is happening now, they are interrupting you every single time. You might think that “IGNORANCE IS BLISS”, now look what is happening within you due that ignorance. Something which was suppressed at one point will bounce back some other time. You try to suppress that thought by adding another thought of suppression. But if you try to peel the layer one by one, you might find at some point you are in clear confusion, but from that clear confusion comes perfect clarity.

We think that there is something very deep and very mysterious because our minds were conditioned by the society / the environment we grew in. The way we are conditioned is the way we think. Try to address few fundamental ethics/moral/rules you have set for yourself. Your mind may find it offending for some amount of time, but slowly you’ll be have a clear clarity. Once you are aware of the conditioning you had, you would automatically try to understand and explore the various dimension of life beyond all beliefs. Soon you’ll find everything being simplified. You might even find that; where there is depth required, there should be depth; it is unnecessary to complexify simple things. When you find yourself that ,everything you do is an action of your thought and your thought is the reason behind the way you live, and once you try to understand the mechanism of thought and the mechanism of thinking, you’ try to be liberated from the limitations. The life we thrive to live is about being liberated from limitations.

Everyone might arrive at different conclusions for different existential questions. When things gets clearly simplified, the answers to the most complex things will turn out to be the simplest ones.


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