The universe, which we know of, is nearly 13.7 billion years old. No one knows the beginning or the end. There are many hypotheses and theories, but no one knows exactly how it happened/ is going to happen.  The universe size  measured till now is nearly 93,000,000,000 Light years in diameter, which can be seen in the cosmic microwave background.

We sometimes experience a few hunches  in our daily lives. It’s like we clearly see the image of an event / series of events which are going to happen in the future while you are still in the present.

When hunches occur, it is possible for the event to occur the next second/ minute or in a few days/ years. It’s like we already saw a part of the future while you’re still in the present.

We choose different paths throughout our life which may be right or wrong. But now, imagine, at a distance of  10^(10^120) light years away, another universe is existing with different nature/ with a bit different physical properties. And now, in that universe, the hunch which happened to you ( in the present universe) has already happened as a living reality. This is like, your reflection of thought in one universe in the living reflection of you in another universe, a living reality.

Every single thought which you have experienced/ are experiencing is possibly occurring/occurred in another universe which is unreachabely far away. It is also possible that , death of you in one universe might be the birth of you in another universe.

Innumerable universes, each with a different nature  each having our galaxy in it  each in which our earth is contained  and each in which you are living in any form.

Just imagine that, whatever you thought had not happened, it is possibly happening in another universe or already happened. You might already  be dead in one or you might be being born in one.  Each universe  with unique scenarios  , each with unique properties.

P. S : You probably might be married to your crush in another  universe, so real and continue with your life in this universe. Make the most out of life in this  universe too.



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