Let me narrate a story,

Once they were two friends, a boy who is comelily attracted by heart and a girl who is glamourous by her soul. They used to do a lot of things together. Play together, roam out the roads together, they would share every small secret with each other. During their silly fights, funny laughter, hard times, unforgettable moments they had an unknowingly a universally selfless emotion sparked into their hearts. Their souls were locked in with the most powerful force called love which is sempiternal feeling. The boy never had a person in his life where a girl would make his heartbeat skip by a beat. And the girl was like, he was the only person she would want to be with. Till then both were best friends. After that feel, there was a kind of charisma that neither one could express. They were scared,
scared about what would happen if they expressed their love on him/her, scared that they would lose their friendship, scared that things would never be the same if they said that. Their souls were internally separated by a wall of fear but externally connected by a world of smiles. It was the ineffable mysteries of the souls.

One day they were out for a ride, he wanted to express his love upon her regardless of what might be the consequences. He had a scope to express his love, she had a hope that he would express his love. Their hearts knew about them even before they knew about their hearts. Their ride was going well until there took place a nemesis. Both were laying down with the blood of love spread around them. One last look, one last smile, one last moment, one last life, one last breath, and then they left. The feeling of love unexpressed, the feeling of their hearts when they rest, the feeling of last breath when it left, the last touch they oppressed, were all gone. Their love was eternal, their souls remained together forever.

Speak up your feelings on someone before it’s gone.


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