TIME- The Illusionary Construct of Reality

What exactly do we mean by that statement? Whatever we see, whatever we hear, whatever we feel are just organized parts of memories which are sparking up when felt. If it occurred this with you anytime, you might have had times when few things managed to happen exactly which we thought in our mind and most of the times it might have also happened that, the picture of reality which you thought would happen was completely turned upside down. No, when you observe these 2 scenarios, what would your thoughts be? are your thoughts manifesting the reality you live in? or is reality manifesting the thoughts you have? what exactly do you mean by reality? is it the “play ” or “image” which you have already imagined in your mind which would happen? or is it the experiences of the situations which were experienced in your life? if you are reading this now, did you already have a hunch about this statement subconsciously? or was this some other random statement? which reality are we saying about here? the one you imagined or the one which is present? can there be types of realities? (Nope).Hold on now, you are just living in reality, the same reality where everything in the cosmos is going in its way (or are we?).

Thoughts manifest reality. How can we be so sure about that? Well, did you ever imagine few things ,like your goals, or some little moments or some “times” which went exactly the way you needed them to go? ” well,I did prepare for them, so it went that way” you may say; but did it ever happen to you that, however hard you were prepared, things didn’t go the way you want. And there you might have experienced a few situations where something totally unexpected and a few things which you were expecting the least accident happened. Some “times” you may have had things so perfectly that and some “times” they didn’t; and you might have even experienced that during some “times” when you were completely shattered things fell into place and some other “times” when you were completely fine, things fell apart. Where do these questions take us and how even are these questions related to the “times” which we know? Is time somehow related to consciousness? When we feel happy , time passes fast, but when we feel sad, time passes slowly. Time is relative to our mind.

Modern Science, its soo beautiful. Only due to the developments which have occurred in it we are experiencing these comforts brought by the technological development through science which was never experienced in the human history. We have grown to a stage where we could control the atoms around us, dive deep into the cosmos and question the existence itself. We as a species came to know how to use time but still struggle to understand the mechanics of time. (well, we are trying to understand it deeply even now). Is there some “time”; which can’t be measured by numbers? and why do we measure time by numbers? ( cause we know how to count only by numbers and things( the important thing is we know ” how to count”)). Let’s go back to the numbers given during ancient times who have guessed(or solved) the mechanics of time. With what reference and where are we actually are going you may ask; this concept which is based upon ancient Indian texts, Vedantha; Atharvana Veda to be specific. 

This is an illustration on how the time was divided, with respect to the universe we live into considering our perception.
consciousness and time


According to the Veda’s, as seen above; time was referred to as “Kala”(in the Sanskrit language) which represents both time and space/ emptiness/darkness. By observing the movements of the stars, planets, and galaxies, these observations were done in a scientific manner. As we have names for measuring time like, seconds, minutes, days and so on, it was observed that there were names for the increasing time of the cosmos which are as shown below (As mentioned in the verses of veda’s).

1 MahaYuga = 4,320,000 years (human years)

1 Manavantara = 71 MahaYugas

1 Day  of Brahma =14 Manvantras=994  MahaYugas

There are gaps of 4 Yugas before and after each Manvantara, hence

1 day of Brahma = 14 Manvantaras+(15*4 Yugas)

                               =  994 MahaYugas+60Yugas

                               =  994 MahaYugas+6 MahaYugas  =  1000 MahaYugas

1000 MahaYugas= 4,320,000,000 years

1 Complete day of Brahma (day +night)  = 8,640,000,000 years.

So, where  are we in these numbers?

According to this, we are in 7Th Manvantara

For 6 Manvantara’s  71*6= 426 MahaYugas (since, 1 Manvantara =71 MahaYugas)

Now, considering the gaps for each manvantara; 7*4 =2.8 MahaYugas.

Current MahaYuga in our Manvantara is 28th, we are at the last 1/10th of it  I,e we are in 27.9th MahaYuga of current Manvantara.

So How many more MahaYugas to go?

426 ( 6 Manvantars) + 2.8(gaps)+27.9(current)  = 456.7 MahaYugas have already been spent in the current day of Brahma; which leaves us with ~543  MahaYugas more to go.

Where does all this lead us towards? ( one quick calculation)

456.7( passed MahaYugas)*4,320,000(1 MahaYuga in terms of human years) = 1,972,994,456 ~2 billion years which is the exact date modern scientists are pointing the start of evolution on earth.

What does the Vedas say about the age of the universe?

It says our universe is a cyclic universe,  i.e. it neither started at a point nor would end at a certain point, it was always existing.

  According to Atharvana Veda;

Considering that age of Brahma as the age of the universe;

Brahma has 2000 MahaYugas and 360 days on year for β€œBrahma”.

We are on the 1st day( day and night) of the 51st year of Brahma.

360(days of Brahma)*50(years( we are in )) =18000; i.e. 18000 days have passed for Brahma.

Now, 18000*2000*4,320,000( 1 MahaYuga=4,320,000 years)= 155,520,000,000,000 human years.

Current day of brahma =  1,972,944,456 human years;

Current age of universeΒ  = 155,521,972,944,456 yearsΒ  ~155,521 billion years. ( that’s a huge number).

There is also a clear mention of the human life span in each Yuga.

Kali Yuga= 100Years.

Dwapara Yuga= 200 Years.

Treta Yuga= 300 years.

Satya Yuga= 400 years.

We are in KaliYuga.

You may ask, something should trigger an event to make something to at least exists which would then be cyclic,  yes,  but let’s see what we are talking about. The β€œuniverse”. Just think about it, an ancient civilization accurately calculated the time and understood the mechanics of it and further predicts our present time. It says we are entering into a new era where more people would feel the awakening from their souls. The journey would start through tiny hunches and later those hunches would grow stronger. Well, those texts would be explained in another blog. Many things in our life are way beyond understanding in a logical manner. There are dimensions in life and in the universe where things exist without logic. What even does logic mean? Something which satisfies us with the expectations of gathered data in our minds? Or is it something which makes us feel satisfied with our way of understanding life?

Time is a never-ending ocean of life. Each culture gave its own meaning of time. Some are true, some are false, some are connected, some are accurate. Mechanism of time cant be known by dissecting it, it can only be known by dissolving into it…


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