Earth, a beautiful place we live in. A beauty, which was formed nearly 4.5 billion years ago with its warmth-producing partner, the sun along with the family of all the known planets in our solar system. A constant chaotic battle, which is occurring right now in the solar system, which is going unnoticed just to protect this piece of life on earth; to protect YOU on earth. The Jupiter balances the gravity of the sun, which in absence would fling all the planets into the sun, the mars and Jupiter protect this planet from the comets flying by in the comet belt; the Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and the Planet X which are balancing the solar system we live in and protecting from the nemesis which would be upon us any moment. This isnโ€™t just any patterned system, our solar system is a family by itself, protecting us from the unseen dangers of the cosmos. The cosmos is a beautiful but deadly place. The alignment of this solar system is in such a way that, it’s neither too close to the center of the galaxy; where tremendous continuous blasts of life and deaths of stars, planets, Black holes, super-nova, hyper-nova, neutrons stars takes place ; nor itโ€™s too far from the center where it could lose the gravitational pull of the galaxy. This solar system we live in is the only place we know, which exists in the right spot on the edges of the spiral of our galaxy orbiting the center with tremendous speeds.

Not just that, we are living in a perfect time in history. No other civilization in history has this kind of comforts, which we exhibit today. Everything in this universe we know of at the moment and the timeline on which we live is approximated to be the perfect time for the transcendence of life from a psychological being to a mystical being. Let us look at this planet again. Even since the past hundred years, there were tremendous activities occurring on this planet; from the man-generated world war-I to the planet-generated mega Tsunamis and Massive natural calamities; but look at the time scale on which you are living now. Even generations that were 50 years older did not have access to this much amount of information and the facilities of life. We get the information right at our fingertips. No other species on this planet has had this kind of facility in history. But look at what we are doing to the planet and to ourselves!

Yes, previous generations did make a mistake by making idiotic decisions driven by their ego, greed, belief systems, ignorance and what not. They have ignored the whole process of life itself. We have perfectly managed to engineer the world we live in and ignored to re-engineer the life within us. We have built massive devices, marvelous piece of architects and achieved fantastic feats to explore and place a metal being from this planet to the planets in the solar systems. All of this in search for happiness. We are experiencing the comforts that no human had in the entire human history, but are you happy with yourself? Are you peaceful? Is peace your ultimate goal? What do you even think is your ultimate goal? Is your goal bounded? or is it boundless? What exactly are you trying to achieve? Think of this. Youโ€™ve had many moments in your life wishing that youโ€™d be happy if you had the things you want; say family, love, money, jobs whatsoever. Are you happy after you achieved them? Or are you doing them just for momentary happiness/joyfulness? Are you simulating the feeling inside you by doing actions outwards or are you generating those feels within yourself without any stimulus? What are you actually doing? What have you done until now? Sure, you did achieve few great things in your life, on whatever aspects, from a relation to leading one’s life, but do you find happiness within you or do you find happiness within the things you do? Is it because you are happy you do things or is it because you do things you are happy?

Education, job, money, family, love, yes, they do bring happiness into your life, but how long do you think it would exist? You got a job today, you are happy, after a few years when you keep on repeating the stuff you do, donโ€™t you think youโ€™d feel hateful and irritated for the only thing which youโ€™ve dedicated your life in search of happiness? Why imagine about the future? Take a moment and think about the incidents that happened in your past. You did have a feel โ€œyes, this is itโ€, but after you achieved, how did you feel? How are you feeling about it right now? You did have a momentary happiness, but what happened next? Immediately after you have achieved it, questions started to pop up in your mind clouding yourself with โ€œwhat next? What about this? What about that?โ€, where exactly are you going with this? Where was your happiness when you were dealing with those questions? The only thing here is you are trying to find the happiness, which occurs within you, on an object or on a โ€œgoalโ€. What happened after you achieved your goal? You were simply longing for more and more achievements in life.

The major question here is this; are you living in your thought process or are you living the life? When was the last time you felt alive? When was the last time you had the consciousness of your breath? When was the last time you felt you are truly living? When was the last time you looked at the life within yourself? There are tremendous activities going on with this marvelous human body, did you anytime try to observe it?

Please understand this; we are the generation who are experiencing the comforts of life (external and partially internal); those comforts which were never experienced by any human civilization on this planet. The only thing you need to observe is your thought process. It might seem little, but it is the root of everything which we physically experience in life.

Love, you have had the thought of likeness or sweetness within you, those experiences, which you never ever have had experiences in your life; due to that reason, as they brought new light in your world, you have been attached to them and are unable to leave. Yes, breaking up is painful; I agree. It is horrible and hard to digest the fact that someone close to us left us unexpectedly. And since that moment, we go haywire thinking about what went wrong and why it went wrong. It is just that you are being hooked to that feeling because you are afraid that you think that, you wonโ€™t have any other person other than them in your life ever again to experience those moments. In simple words, you are afraid of leaving them.โ€œ I loved them truly, they were my lifeโ€ who doesnโ€™t? Why do we feel that way and why do we get broken? It is just because we kept expectations on that person for that feel. Once you feel that expectation is unfulfilled, the trust gets broken, the feelings gets swollen, and isnโ€™t it true that, that the person you hate the most is the only person you once loved the most? Cheating, Breaking up, yes they do happen, but why are you allowing yourself to change in the wrong way with them? โ€œAm I supposed to be with the person who cheated me!?โ€ absolutely not. The way you act upon people reflects the very way your life is. It’s your choice to choose which way you should make them realize. The opinions on the love we have just come from the external factors, โ€œ true love is loving without any egoโ€, โ€œtrue love is lifeโ€, โ€œlove is lifeโ€, โ€œ if they are this much close to you then, believe me, they love youโ€; oh come on! Most of us are trying to attach the word love with that kind of sentences and conclude that as love. When you are a kid, you love your toy (unless you are born in the 2000โ€™s) and it becomes your world by itself. When you are a teenager, you love a person and they become a world by themselves. When you are in your adulthood, your work/passion becomes your love and a world by itself. When you have a child/children, they become a world by themselves. Do you see where this is going? Love is all about inclusiveness. Accepting the way things/people are, and most importantly, love is a human-generated thing.

Why did I go to that place while we are talking about thoughts? You tell me, where did that thing start? In your brain? Due to a thought? A small thing, which led to a tremendous change in your life. Not just love; but hate, misery, depression and almost everything is generated from within which are in turn fed by thought. These emotions, which are triggered by thoughts, are life by itself.

It took nearly 4 billion years for a being to evolve into this level of consciousness, and the evolution of mind and consciousness took place nearly 2.5 billion years ago when the early ancestors shifted from horizontal spined species to vertically developing spine. Since 4 billion years, through the accumulation of memories of the physical and non-physical dimensions of life, here we are as a completely evolved human being on this planet. It took eons of time, for this body to get in shape; when you deeply examine your body, youโ€™ll know. There are many instruments and devices which are built into ourselves, which was given by nature. Every subtle organ protected by strong fencing made of calcium and potassium. The nerves are made to go exactly through the spine without any distortion or any manipulation. A bunch of wires (literally nerves) passing through the spine to the brain, making the spinal cord (hence the name โ€œcordโ€) which are the foundations of external receptivity from throughout the body. The eyes, which gathers the light and bounces on the inner corona reaching the retina, which would be sensed by the optic nerves which convert the photons into the electric impulses which are sent into the brain whose processing area is located in the brain frontal lobe (region) and gives us the vision of the exterior world.

The ears, one among our sense organs which senses the sounds of the external world (most of the times). As you see the structure of your ear, it is shaped in a particular way (known was Pinna which is the exterior shape of the ear ) such that the sound is focused into the ear canal which would resonate during the travel to the canal to increase/ amplify the sound( or simply focus the sound) onto the eardrum which would make the hammer ( a bone inside the ear which vibrates when ear senses the sound) which would in turn make  the anvil and stirrup ( which are also bones in the ear) which vibrates and sends the vibration to the inner ear where a part known as cochlea (which is spiral in shape (a bone)) maintains the pressure in the ear; this region consists of 3 regions. In the central region, vast numbers of plates are available which would only move when a particular frequency is struck, these movements are sensed by the hair cells, which interprets the vibrations into the brain, helping us to have the sense of sound after the vestibulocochlear area in the brain convert the vibrations into sounds. These hair cells in the inner ear can’t be regenerated and would degrade when high-frequency sounds are heard, and hence they say โ€œdonโ€™t listen to loud music for longโ€. This vestibulocochlear area is responsible for hearing and balance. There is a fluid present in the brain, which helps the body to maintain the balance. Without this, you would immediately go out of balance and fall down. And all this is happening instantly, even right now.

This is just the functioning of the ear. Now imagine how complex the process of life is going on within you just to keep you alive, every organ, every cell, every bone, every nerve; without your consciousness they are constantly working to keep you alive. We would take this piece of life for granted. Just look at this; just observe the amazing process which is occurring within your body right now. Look how beautiful nature built this complex machine, this human body. There are many forces which are in action just to keep you alive and we are taking it for granted, why? You have been listening to the external world all this time, did you ever try to observe the process going within? How beautiful this piece of life is. Donโ€™t you think it is your responsibility to keep it alive and healthy? Donโ€™t you think it is your ability to respond to life within you? We are facing the comforts of life, there was a struggle for survival, but nature has made its way and pushed humans to live instead of surviving. It’s time to turn inward and touch the consciousness within. Besides the physical, there are dimensions of life which make all of this run. The dimension of nothingness, the dimension of consciousness. It’s time we remind ourselves about the life exploding within. The transformation to make this world a better place only starts when you transform yourself as an individual. Donโ€™t get stuck in the psychological aspects of life. Look beyond them. These faculties of mind, memory, intelligence, imagination; these are the greatest faculties of life; train them to work them for you instead of against you and look how wonderful your life will be.

It is time we as a generation lay the foundations of consciousness on which the future generations walk upon. Donโ€™t just do what interests you, do something which makes this world a better place to live. Help the world to transform by transforming yourself. It is time we look inwards and makes this piece of life a beautiful one. One life, one chance; make every moment of your life beautiful because you donโ€™t know when it would end.

Learn from the past, Embrace the present, build the future.



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