Love, the most common term we hear around us and experience within us. What is love? What exactly is termed as love? What is the cause of it? Is it a consequence or a cause? When you are born, you knew nothing about any emotion or feel around you (except a few like hunger, pain, […]

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The Imaginary Moment

It was just another normal day. There was an event being held. Unplanned, she met me in an area we didnt think we would meet. It was daytime, the sun was blazing the beam to its full power. We didn’t knew where to go as the event wouldn’t start until evening. She went with her […]

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Once they were two friends, a boy who is comely attracted by heart and a girl who is glamourous by her soul. They used to do a lot of things together. Play together, roam out the roads together, they would share every small secret with each other. During their silly fights, funny waves of laughter, […]