A post about the modern world

There are more ideas in this sarcastic real world where idealists starve for perfection. A thought taken,  a  word spoken,  these things are just soo easily misunderstood in this modern world. 
Talking about the modern world,  we people live in such a growing technology with such a growth of imperfection of thoughts.  We have  Freedom in the whole world yet we choose to work under a caged life just because someone said it or someone is doing it and get stuck inside their free will..
It’s true that most people are like goats,  following someone’s ass not knowing where you are going.

The lack of thought is covered and powered by our goddamn egos, selfishness, grudges and all kind of things leading to misunderstanding and causing all the shit in this so-called free world.

Human beings are intelligent species who can discover the secrets of deep space,  the cosmos, but yet strive hard to unlock the potentials deep within. 👏👏


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