What happens to him?

Those were the days, those were his best days…., the days when he was with her. He enjoyed every moment he was with her, his soul fullness can be seen in every word he speaks with her, every contact he makes on her, every breath he breathes alongside her. He was mesmerized by her blazing eyes, dazzling hair, sizzling moves and her heart shying smile. The years he was with her. He could think of everything clearly, his clarity amazed the world around him when she was with him. The joy, the love, the life, the laughter, the fun, the moments he had with her was unforgettable….Little did he know, the moments were about to fade away..

And then… It happened.

From strangers to inseparable to strangers with memories.

His little stubborn heart didn’t see that coming. His mysterious mind was thrown into a mystery. A mystery that would break his heart.

The person who was able to understand the void of the universe was clueless about the void left within him. He was able to understand the complexity of things, yet he was unable to understand the situation he was in.

It hit him. Hit him hard. Hard enough to question himself ” Will I ever get me back? “. He was lost in her. His heart was lost with her.

What happen to him? To be continued…


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