Let’s directly get into business, but mind you, this is a bit lengthy.
Below are the ways/method you can use to make money online.I’ll be adding links to few websites under most of the categories.

  1. Online Surveys
  2. Get paid for searching the web
  3. Online market trading
  4. Google AdSense
  5. Review websites and apps for cash
  6. Write subtitles and earn cash
  7. Start a YouTube channel
  8. Start a blogging website
  9. Data Entry jobs
  10. Become a social media influencer
  11. Create online courses
  12. Write and publish e-books on kindle
  13. Affiliate marketing
  14. Freelancing
  15. Create APPS
  16. Design websites and sell them
  17. Buy and sell domain names
  18. Create some content like images or videos and sell it
  19. Create a token and sell it as NFT
  20. Do translation works
  21. Sell stuff whichever is not used for long time
  22. Become a twitch streamer
  23. Ghost writing

    Well, those are few methods where you can try and make money online.Money making is a long and time consuming process. To use your valuable time for good paying work, choose the right method for you. Let it be blogging or opening an YouTube channel or selling your art as NFT, if you are dedicated to create new content genuine , then money just flies to you.

    Its difficult to search each and every method Iโ€™ve mentioned above and search sites and find which is better. Donโ€™t worry; Iโ€™ll be listing out few website links under most of the categories mentioned above. **self-talk**

If you still find any link unresponsive, mention them in the comment section.

  • 1) Online Surveys:

It would be too clumsy if I keep all the links and their details. Here are few verified good rated links. I personally use ysense, many surveys present any time you log in.
Completing a survey is a long time consuming process and there is no guarantee that you’ll be qualified to answer all the questions, some just log you out.

1) Inboxdollars:

2) Swagbucks:

3) Mypoints:

4) Ysense:

5) Opinion out post:

6) Yougov:


How to Spot Fake Survey Sites & Avoid Survey Scams?

Hopefully, most are legit, but there are plenty of scam survey sites out there too. Let’s talk about what to look out for so you don’t fall victim to a survey con job.

How to know if the survey website is legit or not?
1. Longevity: Look at how long they gave been on the internet; not just at their claims, but reviews and social media presence
2.  If the survey has positive news and media coverage or good reviews
3. Real-life customer service.
4. Donโ€™t neglect privacy policy and terms and conditions for these sites, once go through them thoroughly before registering?
5. Check if it has social media presence.

  • 2) Get paid for searching the web:

There are few websites which give you money do browse using their search engine.
Here’s a list of few.

1) Qmee:

2) Fusion cash:

3) Inbox Dollars:

Search engine evaluator:

4) Flexjobs:

5) Appen:;jsessionid=230783089DDA41119E397EA5371759B2

6)Lion Bridge:

There are many other ways and plethora of website. I am only keeping the verified one.

  • 3) Online market trading

Online trading, stocks are trending all the time. No one knows when the coin may flip other side but we can wait for good long term results. Use the following mentioned websites for online trading and stocks, mutual funds etc.

1) Angel Broking:

2) Zerodha:

3) Indian infoline:

4) Motila Loswal:

5) Upstox:

6) Edelweiss:

7) 5paisa:

8) Master Trust:


  • 4) Google AdSense

If you own a website, its best to monetize it and earn by ads. One of the popular advertisement services is provided by Google AdSense. Itโ€™s a simple process. Just sign up and check if your website is eligible for AdSense or not. If eligible, simply copy and paste the code.

Google AdSense: 

  • 5) Review websites and apps for cash

Who doesnโ€™t want visitors to their website or app and increase the traffic? But, would anyone visit or share the website if itโ€™s too glicthy or crappy? No one would want that right?
Here’s a list of the websites which allows the website/app owners to test their site by public and let know the fault. They even pay you.

1) User testing:

2) Enrollapp:

3) Respondent:

4) Testingtime:

5) Mturk:

6) Try my UI:

7) User crowd:

8) Intuit:

9) Apperwall:

10) Userlytics:

They make you laugh when you read it in your mind.
  • 6) Get paid for writing subtitles

We all enjoy watch videos online; let it be of English or any other language. Auto translation works is alright, but whatโ€™s more better than perfect meaningful translated sentences? But, who would write it? Well, itโ€™s obvious, humans. You can write subtitles for videos provided and help others understand that video through your writing. Here are a list of few websites which can help you with that (P.S They pay you to do it)
Just type subtitles and youโ€™ll get the results in these websites


2)Flex jobs:




  • 7) Start a YouTube channel

All of you might have already heard about it, one of the most famous video sharing platform: YouTube. If you have any video, short video or any content to share, just grab that camera, shoot and upload it here. If the content is viewed by many, you can monetize your channel and earn from it. Donโ€™t wait.


  • 8) Start a blogging website

If you have loads of information about something and have a constant urge to share it with people and earn at the same time, start writing blogs , upload it in your website and start earning. Itโ€™s not just about blogging website,  if you are into vlogs, you can upload them in your website and add a membership for the users to view it.
Few of the website used for blogging are:



3) Wix:^424

4) Medium:

5) Square Space:

6) Tumblr:


  • 9) Data Entry

There are a good number of websites where many people are hiring temporarily/permanent for data entry work.  Tons of work related to data entry is popping all over the internet all the time. The pay of this work is good as many clients are from foreign countries.
Here is a list of few websites where you might find the work.

1) Upwork:

2) Freelancer:

3) Remote:

4) Axion data:

5) Capital Typing:

6) Clicker Worker:

7) Scribe:

8) Working Solutions:

9) PeoplePerHour:

10) DataPlus:

11) Dion data solutions:

  • 10) Become a social media influencer

Before becoming a social media influencer, check whether this is right for you. This is a long term commitment. Not everyone can be a social media influencer. If you have deep interest in a niche and have good ability to socialize online and offline, then go for it.

Find your target audience, share content free in the beginning and later keep on adding paid contents and later start promotions.

 1. Start micro influencing.
2. Create something impactful.
 3. Maintain a strategy and modify it accordingly.
4. Keep Constant connection with audience.
 5. Maintain and expand your network.
6. Create meaningful content and make profit out of it.

Lastly, try before you give up.

Websites include:
1) Instagram
2) Facebook
3) YouTube
4) Twitter
5) LinkedIn

  • 11) Create online courses and sell it.

If you a good skill in any field; science, art, technology, music etcโ€ฆ prepare a course and sell it online. There are many website where you can sell your courses or you can create your own website and increase both revenue and audience. If you have good grip in any programming language and if your more number of audience are liking the way you teach, prepare a course and let them subscribe to it.
Start with small. Pick a topic, Make short stories, reels, micro blog about it and share it in social platforms. Ex: Tips/tricks for Windows 10 or tips for C++   or reviewing something.
If you see that there are audience growing, prepare a course and sell it.

1) Teachable:

2) Thinkific:

3) Learn Worlds:

4) Podia:

5) Click4Course:

6) Zippy Course:

7) Kartra:

8) Spayee:

9) Udemy:

10) Skill Share:

  • 12) Write and publish E-books

Are you an imaginative person who wants to tinker with new ideas and try different thought experiments? Do you want to narrate a story or write about someone? Write an E-book of any length. There is a good increasing statistics of E-books being sold. Create a story, use all the tools available online and publish your E-book.

Here are few sites where you can publish your E-book:
1) Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP):

2) iBooks:

3) Barnes & Noble Press:

4) IngramSpark:

5) Kobo Writing Life:

6) Smashwords:

7) Draft2Digital:

  • 13) Affiliate marketing

Want to make money while you sleep? No, I donโ€™t mean sleep and make money. But, do you want to see some amount credited into your account when you wake up? If yes, then affiliate marketing is for you.

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting other peoples product on your site and earning commission from it.

There are many affiliate marketing platforms where you can register and let their product advertise on your website. Few of them are listed below:

1) Nerdwallet:

2) Sharesale:

3) Amazon Affiliate :

4) Ebay:

5) Shopify:

6) Rakutena advertising:

7) Leadpages Affiliate:

8) Jotform Affiliate:

9) Bluehost Affiliate:

10) Money Saving Expert:

11) Pc Part Picker:

There are tons of other platforms but why donโ€™t you try these for a start.

  • 14) Freelancing

Donโ€™t want to work the general 9 to 5 hour? Want to take a break and still earn while youโ€™re on a vacation? Simply put, want to work whenever you want? Then, freelancing is for you.
With whatever skill you have, you can just pickup a project and work on it. There are a good number of websites where you can apply for freelancing and start earning. Build up a good profile in the following sites and bid for the project which you can finish. Many people all hereโ€™s a list of few websites.

1) Toptal:

2) People Per Hour:

3) Upwork:

4) Fiverr:

5) Flex Jobs:

6) Guru:

7) Freelancer Writing Gigs:

8) LinkedIn Services:

9) Outsource:

10) Writer Access:

11) Sky Word:

12) Freelancer:

  • 15) Create applications

If youโ€™re good at coding and want to build an app, you can try these; even people with no prior coding experience can try these software tools to build an app.

1) Mobincube:

2) Flutter:

3) Thunkable:

4) Just in mind:

5) Twixl media:

6) AppGyver:

7) Mock Plus:

8) Apprat:

9) Swing2App:

10) Moqups:

11) Cacoo:

12) Bubble:

There are other website where there are many more lists to tools which can be found in reference section.

  • 16)  Develop websites and sell them

As the name says, you can find online tools to design or develop websites and sell them
1) Get BootStrap:

2) Website Setup:

3) Wix:

4) Mobirise:


6) WebFlow:

7) Visual Studio:

8) Bluefish Open Office:

9) Dreamweaver:

  • 17) Buy and Sell domains

All you need is a bit of clever buying and selling along with some patience. Who knows someone might even like and I have no idea if it exists or not.

1) Sedo:

2) Flippa:

3) Sedo Campaign:

4) Afternic:

5) Free market:

6) Website Broker:

7) Grab Flip:

8) Name Cheap:

9) Domain:

10) Network Solutions:

11) GoDaddy:

12) NamePros:

13) DNForum:


  • 18) Create content and sell online.

If you want to sell your content to large audience, like albums or art collection, try these websites. (First 8 for images next 8 for music)

1) Adobe Stock:

2) Shutter Stock:

3) Alamy:

4) ETSY:

5) FotoMoto:

6) Cre Stock:

7) Snapped4U:

8) Photo Shelter:

9) Landr:

10) Tune Core:

11) CD Baby:

12) Amuse:

13) Anr Factory:

14) High Clouds:

15) King so far:

16) Spotify:

  • 19) Create an item and sell it as NFT

Non Fungible Token aka are digital assets. You have heard about a guy buying a virtual painting for tens of millions of dollars or some other person who brought virtual house where he could live virtually for millions of dollars. NFT is the next big thing. It uses blockchain technology and you can sell any kind of content. Before listing an item for as NFT, I urge you to learn what NFT is and how it works. Unless you know it, you canโ€™t successfully list your item. Even if you do list, you might not know how to further use it for better advantage.
Here is a list of few websites where you can list an item as NFT. (Mind you, you need a crypto wallet as all transaction is in term of crypto currency).

1) Opensea:

2) Nifty Gateway:

3) Super Rare:

4) Enjin:

5) Atomic Market:

  • 20) Do Translation work

You know more than one language and want to earn by having the knowledge of it? You can apply for translation jobs online.
Here are the lists of website where you can find translation work

1) One Hour Translation:

2) Tethras:

3) UpWork:

4) GURU:

5) Rey Freelancer:

6) Word Lingo:

7) Language Line:

8) SmartLing:

9) Text Master:


  • 21) Sell unused stuff

Everyone has few items which they brought long back which they thought would be useful later but is left unused. And now, because of the, your place is getting clumsy and messy.
Instead of just throwing them away, earn by selling them. Here are lists of few website where you can sell them.

1) OLX:

2) Quikr:

3) Secondhand Bazar:

4) All India Bazar:

5) Secondhand Mall:

6) Declutter:

7) Let Go:

8) Craig List:

9) Ebay:

  • 22) Twitch streaming

Are you a gamer? Do you want to increase your subscribers, entertain them and earn money at time? Twitch streaming is the right platform for you. Twitch streamers currently on average make around $3000 to $5000. You can even join the twitch affiliate partner program and gain your earnings. The more number of viewers, the more money you make. Donโ€™t wait, Go Twitch.


  • 23) Ghost-writing

No, not ghost story writing. Ghost writers are hired for many purposes, to rewrite an existing website, to write a book, journal, and debatable blogs. Most people hire ghost writers to write books. Usually the credit for writing the book goes to the person who hired the ghost-writers unless; the person who hired wants to give some credits to the actual writer. Although secretive, there is a good demand for ghost writers and they are paid huge. If you want to be one of them, here are few links where you can sign up and find work as a ghost writer.

1) Freedom with Writing:

2) Verblio:

3) UpWork:

4) Freelancer:

5) Writology:

6) Toptal:

7) Writers work:

8) Media Bistro:

9) Constant Content:

10)  Solid Gigs:



Here you can find more information about the websites listed above in details.

For Online Trading:

For Website Testing:

For Data Entry:

For Affiliate marketing:

For FreeLancing:

For Application design and development:

For website design and development:

To Buy and sell Websites:

To sell content related to music and art:

For NFT:

For translation:

For Ghost Writing:

For Selling courses online:


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