There are times where you sat in a corner and started sobbing about the incidents that happened in your life. There are times when you felt that every step you take would lead to something which you don’t want. There are times where each second passing gave you more and more pain. There were times when you felt you were being left alone. For how long do you think you would be stuck in that psychological cage of yours which are trapped by incidents that happened in the past? For how long do you think these things, which you are going through would last? For how long do you want your thoughts to trouble your life?

Are you living your life or are you leaving life? Thoughts manifest reality; what are you manifesting your reality into? Where did the sweetness in your life go? That sweetness which was developed within you when you found the one you were looking for; that sweetness which was generated within you when you find out the love of your life? Who did you exactly find? Is it the one who was fit for the thought you had your expectation for? Is it the one whom you were expecting? What were you expecting? Unfulfilled desires? Unfulfilled memories? Was that the person who was fulfilling your expectations? Was that the person who fits in your imagination? What were you looking for? What were you expecting? How did your cloud of the imagination of expectations cover your reality?

Consider this for yourself; you were once hoping or expecting for something/someone in your life. Let it be a gift or anything else. When you finally received or found that; how did you feel? Yes, happy, but for how long? How did you feel later? When you received a physical object, you felt relaxed for a few days and had a smile on you in the latter days. But as the days passed, how did you feel by looking at it? Did you have the same feel; the feel when you received/found it? No? why so? What made you dim the smile on you? why is that an object which you have received is making you feel different in the later stages?
You were expecting a change. A change of thought, a change of feel, a change of the object. This was only for an object. Now, if you want a person / have a person in your life, look for yourself, what do you think is making you happy? Them fulfilling your expectations? What makes you feel angry about them? Them leaving your expectations unfulfilled? β€œIs it wrong to have expectations on the person you love?”; absolutely not. But having expectations for every moment when you are with them would not only hurt you but also the person with whom you are with. β€œso what should I do? Wait for that thing to be realized by the other person and then wait to be fulfilled?” .If you really want it to be completed, why don’t you directly ask/ tell them? What is stopping you? Fear? For how long? What is making you fearful to express the love within you, to them? Imagination? Imagining things which didn’t happen? An imagining moment that would go wrong? Imagining things which you are afraid to express? β€œ they would feel bad/hurtful if something of such sort is done” you may ask. If you tell them why you really want that, why would they feel bad? If you tell them truthfully about the desire/expectation what would go wrong? β€œ they may go far from me”; if you truly express that and the reason behind it, why would that happen?

β€œHesitation is the greatest crime”
If you hesitate to express the feelings within you to someone you love; then are you loving them with wholeness or are you loving them with fear? A fear that you think they might go away one day?

Consider the incidents which happened in your past; the fear of losing. You had a thought that they might go off from your life and started to take care of them soo softly and have started being soo protective. What did it lead to? Possessiveness? And how did that end/ending?

For how long still, do you want to close your life up with the words unsaid? For how long would you struggle within yourself? For how long would you sit quietly? Until when? How long more would you bare the burden of words left unspoken? Speak your soul out. What would happen? would your expectations be broken? Well, that’s good because you would be coming into reality from
the illusion of expectation you have been living till now. Be thankful for them because they broke your illusion and brought you closer to your reality. Be thankful for them because they did it sooner in your life. Most people’s illusion would be broken during their death time. Be glad that they enlightened you and made you realize the value of YOUR life Sonner.

Are you wishing that something bad should happen to them? Are you wishing something poisonous for them? Why? Why are you doing it? Why are their feeling numbed down when they are being themselves? Learn from them when they leave. Every person who comes into your life has something to teach. Realize that. Observe that. They are being independent of your thought which is making their life valuable to them. Learn from it. They are showing to value your life independently, individually. Individuality is literally derived from the word in-divisibility. Be indivisible. Why are you breaking yourself down? Why are you allowing yourself to break you down? If a small act from some person changes the way you think and literally changes the way you lead your life; in whose control is your life is? Why are you giving control of your life to them? Even when they don’t want to; why are you bragging to have your life to be controlled by them? Here, you aren’t just asking to control your life, you are indirectly taking their life in your control. Who even as a human are you to control someone else life when your life isn’t in your control?

It is time. It is time to look within yourself. It is time to know who you actually are. They gave you a tremendous possibility by leaving you. They gave you the possibility to know about yourself. Stay quiet for a while. Know who truly you are.
Are you a human? A lover? A fighter? A friend? A brother? A sister? A husband? A wife? A child? A student? A particle? A life? A conscious being? A spiritual being? Are you everything? Or are you no-thing? What are you? What have you been identified throughout your entire life? How many identities have you made for yourself? Where is the real YOU among them? It is time to turn inwards and find the answers for your life.
When you completely know about yourself in depth; when you completely know about the life within you in-depth; then you are ready to have the ability to respond to others’ life; only then you have the responsibility of others’ life. You are a complete being by yourself. Explore your life; not just in the physical dimension but in the multiverse of multidimensional life which you have been made up of.

Life is all about inclusiveness. If not now, for how long would you wait to realize the life within you?


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