There are many mysterious things in the universe. The Bermuda Triangle, the mysterious creatures in the depths of Mariana trench, the monsters lurking under the depths of the ocean, innumerable number of species which are yet to be discovered on the earth, the birth of supermassive black holes, the birth of the universe, the existence of dark matter, the dark energy, what would happen after death, consciousness and many more. We know that the universe is around 13.8 billion years old and our solar system is formed around 5 billion years ago and the formation of life on earth around 3.8 billion years ago.
But recent studies say shows that there are planets and stars which are age 14 billion years old (HD 140283). How can that be possible? How primordial stars and planets can exist way before the big bang? And about the supermassive black holes too. How did they even be that huge in less time? (There are few theories and hypothesis on how SMBH was born ( will be discussed in later blogs))

The mysteries of the unknown are yet to be known; the mysterious are questions waiting to be answered but remain unanswered. When we look into the patterns of nature and the patterns of the human body, we find many similarities. For instance, when we take the bigger picture, the network of neuron connections in the brain looks similar to the galaxy cluster connections.
Everything, either living or non-living has 3 phases of life; birth, life, and death. There are many pieces of the puzzle scrambled all across the universe. It might take eons to eternity to put all the pieces together to get the perfect picture. But it seems like, the moment we fit the pieces together, the universe keeps adding more and more.
The birth of a star, the birth of a cell. The patterns in our eye and the branches of the trees. The spiral of a sunflower and the spiral of the galaxy (yes, the golden pattern) and many more. Studying deep within us revels the cosmos step by step. It’s like we are the reflection of the universe appearing in human form. Cosmic consciousness.


The brain processes nearly 70,000 thoughts on an average in a day. The impulse of electric signals keeps on striking in the brain from one neuron to another. It is said that the total number of neurons in our brain falls under the same category of the total number of galaxies in the observable universe. The entirety of the cosmic web extends over at least a few tens of billions of light-years. This is 27 orders of magnitude larger than the human brain.

We, humans, owe to the primordial stars and gas structures for being here. The elements of life cooked deep inside the star’s core. A star running out of fuel and going boom! Into a supernova/ hypernova, the collision of neutron stars, the collision of black holes, the activities of the quasar, the continuous pulses of the pulsar, the attractive force of gravity, the repulsive force of dark energy everything in the cosmos is immensely beautiful. We are made of stardust. The atoms on one of your arms brought from one star are entirely different from the atoms on your other hand which is brought from another star. It is beautiful how the death of a celestial object in one corner of the universe leads to the birth of life in another corner. Although we are far away from each other, we are under the same roof of the universe as the children of the cosmos.





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