Ever had a few moments where you sat in the corner crying and sobbing? Ever had this kind of experience where you feel low and messed up or missed the things you need to do when there is time? Did you ever ask yourself why your life the way it is now is? Ever thought of how it should be? Well, it’s not too late to start well.

The only things which matter in your whole life are the moments you lived joyfully while you are still alive. 

When a person dies, their birth date is written to the left on the tombstone and the death date is on the right side. Few might remember those dates, but everyone remembers and the only thing that matters is the line that is drawn between life and death. 

A line of life, a line of moments, a line of time which you had with the people during your entire life. Make that line matter. Make your life valuable. You are valuable. 

Everybody thinks of doing this or that during their life, but they regret it because, during life’s end, all that they have been doing was just thinking but not proceeding. 

Everyone has ups and downs, everyone falls, everyone fails, but the real failure is not falling down but refusing to get up. 

Life is rough, you gotta be tough.

Time keeps on passing, even during those tough days. Tough days won’t last long, tough people do. Those days may show you the worst things. What only matters is what you have learned from it. 

The level of struggle you make now determines the level of life you live in the future. Be a hustler, not a luck licker. Sometimes you may wonder, what would people think of me if I do this or do that. Those thoughts may come, you need to let them go. It is only because you are holding those thoughts, you are losing yourself in them and taking a step back from reality. 

Don’t care about what others think. Just be how you want to be. They won’t live your life or walk your path, you are the one who’s going to do it. Just do what you want to do in this life. Small or big, start doing things which you want to do. Work hard to bring the best. Sometimes it takes the worst pain to bring on the best change. Make mistakes, fail, learn from it. Do what you love to do, there is only one life, only one shot. Work during nights while the world is still sleeping. Stop brooding over your past and start working for your future. Only you yourself need to live your life alone. Sometimes, no one would give you their hand to bring you up when you are falling. Gather up that strength and raise up like a Phoenix. Burn yourself to be born again. Be the best version of yourself. Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise.

There are the worst days, there are the best days. Life may throw anything at you, what matters is what you make out of it. Because life is always like rays of sunshine mixed with a little hurricane. 


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