A death star named WR104 which is 8000 light-years away from us is ready to die.  WR104 is a triple star system. It is estimated that it will die by giving birth to a supernova which in turn releases a huge wall of GAMMA-RAY BURST (GMB). This is the major reason we are talking about this star. GRB’s are dangerous things. It would vaporize and destroy everything which crosses paths with this. The beams of the GRB are like a double-edged sword. Many numbers of GRB’s go on all around the cosmos all the time, so what about this? Well, the bad news is, the star WR104 is in sight with the earth. Even from a distance that far, if the GRB reaches the earth, it would be disastrous to all the life. Our blue-green planet would become a brown rock rolling in the cosmos. If that GRB reaches our earth, in a few seconds the ozone layer is going to disappear. Within a couple of years, mass extinction might occur. It is predicted that a GRB enters our solar system every 100,000 years. It is likely predicted that the supernova GRB might miss our earth by a few AU’s. The earth lies at the edge of the GRB where the chances are likely to happen.

 A galaxy named 3C321 contains loads of death stars. It is also known as the death star galaxy. Due to this, the supermassive black hole at its centre is emitting a huge amount of plasma. The jets of plasma released by the black hole are super-hot and heavily fused with particles. A galaxy that is 20,000 light-years away from it would be affected by these plasma rays. The rays released by the black hole are swirling across the galaxy (which is 20,000 light-years away from it) causes the planets to distort. It is estimated that these jets have been flaring off the black hole for 2 million years. The most mysterious and unpredicted path is, what would happen if the chain of plasma rays hit the supermassive black hole which is 20,000 light-years away from it?

3C321 is a so-called radio galaxy because it belongs to a class of galaxies known to have strong radio emission. Many radio galaxies have powerful jets blasting out of their cores. When astronomers looked at this object, however, they saw something very unusual. They found that the jet from 3C321 appears to be striking another galaxy only about 21,000 light years away. At this distance, less than that between the Earth and the center of the Milky Way, the galaxy being blasted could be experiencing significant disruptions. By combining data from Chandra, Hubble, and the Very Large Array, astronomers are examining the effects of this violent eruption from one galaxy to another.



5 thoughts on “THE DEATH STAR WR104

  1. Amazing post. Just the thought of an unknown GRB hitting our earth and us humans having no control over it is such terrifying. Yet the randomness of the omnipotent universe is calming and beautiful because it could just happen to any other solar system.
    I wonder whether tardigrades would survive these blasts.

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    1. Thank you. They would literally wipe out anything on it’s way, so i guess tardigrades couldn’t survive them. It’s just beautiful isn’t it? Blasts all across the universe through chaos and beauty and yet here we are, safely on earth. What a wonderful place to be!


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