The universe is a pretty vast place.This small blog is going to give you a glimpse on the power scales of the universe, from earth to the cosmos. ENJOY!

To send a tweet: 100 Joules

Metabolism of an average sized human generates: 100J/second or 100 Watts. ~101 100W light bulb

Excessive exercise: 1000J/sec or 1000 watts

Outer clouds of boomerang nebula: 1Β° above absolute 0 or billion trillionth of a Joule

Amount of power entering a human eye: 150W

Moonlight striking a human face: 300 thousandth of a watt  ~ a cricket chirp.

Energy of the sun light striking a square meter of earth’s surface on a clear day : 10 100 Watts bulbs together or 1000 watts.

Energy output of an automobile: 20,000 watts

Diesel locomotive: 5 million watts.

Advanced fighter jet: 75 million watts.

Aircraft carrier: 200 million watts

Power technology used by humans: billion to 10 billion watts.

Saturn V rocket, 1st stage: 190 billion watts.
190,000,000,000 watts

Level 1 civilization:  whole planet
We are at 0.61% or at level 0
Humans generate: 2.5 million watts of power

Uranium and thorium deep inside the earth generate:  44 trillion watts of power.
44,000,000,000,000 watts.

Hurricane energy at its peak:  600 trillion watts.

Estimated total heat flowing through earth’s atmosphere: 10 times the above.

Amount of heat from the sun: twice the above or 174 quadrillion watts.

AN602 hydrogen bomb: 5.3 trillion trillion watts or 5.3 yottawatts (5.3 million billion billion watts)

Level 2 civilization: 80 times higher than the above or total luminosity of sun ~ 375 yottawatts.

Brightest star ever discovered which lies inside large magellanic clouds R136AI: 10 million times brighter than our sun. If it goes supernova, it releases at its peak:
500 billion yottawatts

Level 3 civilization: entire galaxy
Milky way has an estimate of around 200 billion stars: 3 trillion yottawatts
3 with 36 zeros.
3000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts

Based on physics of extreme gravity, few powerful objects.

Quasars: 1000 times brighter than a galaxy.

Black holes at their moment of birth.

Gamma ray bursts cause by black holes: billion billion yottawatts
10 with 42 zeros.

Collision of neutron stars and black holes: estimated energy generated by each wave : 100 billion trillion times the power of our sun.


Within the singularity of a black hole

At the event horizon, collision of matter surging outward from a singularity with inwards flowing matter.
The energy of the colliding streams feeds upon itself, which might possibly be the limit of nature.

It dissipates only as it falls into the singularity.

These  kinds of events happen behind the event horizon, hence, which cannot affect the universe.



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