You, yes you. Times have been tough. You try to surf through them but things end up being rough. In that clear confusion of yours, you try and try again to achieve what you want. But it seems like things start to fall apart the moment you begin. You are curious, yet you can’t find a certain path to walk. You want to make things happen, yet you stay stuck somewhere at the beginning. You want to revolutionize the world with your ideas, yet no one close to you is ready enough to listen to your ideas. You work all day and night trying to solve the one damn thing which is bothering you for many years. You try to get rid of that thought and obliterate the memory of its happening. You try to focus upon what you want to do but that thought keeps on piercing through your mind. You tried so hard to make it work, in the end, you feel like it doesn’t even matter. Listening to the opinions of the people, you try to ignore but you stay confused with those. Whatever thought you want to fuse in your life, it looks like being diffused by some other external force. When you try to make things happen, you might feel like the whole universe is against you. Every move you make, every step you take, every word you speak, it might feel like you’ll be ending up in a bad place doing so.

15-year-old kid invented an app and has become a billionaire. A 9-year-old kid does somersault‘s like a pro athlete. An 18-year-old guy builds a satellite and sends it into space. A 22-year-old turned out to be the youngest entrepreneur millionaire. You might have come across these kinds of stuff online. By just reading that, somewhere within you, a spark of self-hatred starts to rise. A tiny spike of dishonor. Immense jealousy. Lost, demotivated, screwed, detached, ruined. These feelings run through your blood while reading it. 

Stop the shit of comparing yourself with others. 

You came across it, so what’s the matter? You browse through the net and useless shit pop up all day long and you try to find help from an external entity in your difficult times. Let’s look at some fucking facts before you try to overthink these statements.

Not all the people are shitty nor all the people are great. People are just fucking weird. 

Not everything falls into place at once. Things fucking take time.

You can admire one’s work or ask their suggestion if you are interested in their field of work. But if you try to walk the path they did, if you try to recreate situations they had, if you try to show people that you are “like” them, buddy your simply getting ass fucked. 

The world is great, the people are weird.

The person you are sitting next to might not even exist in the next 20 years. Nor, there is a guarantee that you wouldn’t die the next hour. This doesn’t just imply the death is inevitable, it also fucking says that your life is fucking valuable and is limited. LIFE IS FUCKING BRIEF. You are a mortal being.

It takes time to be successful. There’s no lift from failure to success. There are steps on which you need to climb. 

Listen, buddy, life is fucking short. It’s tiny. If you had a million years to live, there’s a chance that you can segment each of your feelings to a few thousand years; like being depressed for a couple hundred years, crying for half a century more, dancing for 7000 more years, brooding over the past for some more year and then allotting your happiness to the remaining years. 

Just recollect the times you have been sad and depressed and the times you were happy. How many days have you wasted brooding over the same thing? How many non-sensical things have you done when your mind was fucked up? How many people did you lose because of the drama? How many opportunities have you missed just to attend a friend’s party or just to sit in a room and scrolling over the feed? How many hours have you lost to joyfully stay with your loved ones? How many times have you postponed things that they still remain to be postponed?

Life is really fucking short. If getting money, having a job, marrying your crush, beating the stocks, is success in your life; then forget being successful. The success of your life can only be determined by how deeply you have touched the lives of people around you. Investing a million dollars on a firm might not give you happiness, but giving just a penny for a little kid who is starving would make your day. Investing your time at a club with friends would not give much satisfaction as investing the same time with your partner. Traveling to countries might not give you that much pleasure than by visiting your parents. 


Failure is the stepping stone to success. Failure gives you wisdom. You might fail a hundred times, but what you are aiming for is to succeed for that one time. YOU only learn when you fail. The journey is hard, it’s riddled with fail. Most people don’t take this path because they are scared of it. The person who is reading this, Yes YOU, go fail a thousand times more. Each time you fail, you are getting stronger in the next try. When you fail a thousand times, you are a thousand times stronger than you previously were. Every time you fail, remember this; you are actually doing something. If there was no darkness, no one can appreciate the true value of light. If you don’t fail, you can’t really appreciate success. You are responsible for your life. If you fail today, try again tomorrow. If you fail again, try the next day. Keep on going until you get it. When you retry, when you recommit; it says that you are moving forward, you are climbing the steps, you are getting closer to what you want to achieve and you are getting stronger than you previously were. But, if you stop without retrying- it will lead you to the ultimate failure. 

Sometimes, horrible things happen to good people. Life isn’t fair. When you feel like everything is happening against you, everything is on a loop; when you feel like you are in the darkness-It’s OK. It’s ok to be in that darkness for a while. Look for the lesson in them all. Grow through what you go through. Are you willing to go through it? What are you going to do when bad things happen to you? Are you going to let those situations dictate your life? Or are you going to fight against it?

 Embrace the darkness. Step up the challenge. Start walking; get up there step by step. Don’t ever surrender, Keep walking. Take that first step; fight. Don’t keep waiting that something miraculous happens, don’t wait and stay stagnant. Good things will happen to you only when you make it happen. Good things will happen to those who go out and fucking earns it. When people talk behind your back-realize this, they are already behind. You don’t need to listen to them. You don’t need their words to dictate your life. You need you. They aren’t going to walk your path; they aren’t going to live your life; they aren’t going to get your goal. You are the one who gets it; you are the only one who is walking the path. You are the master of your life. 

Stay committed. Whatever your goal is, rise up the stakes. Put your life on those stakes. 

It’s not easy going alone, but keep going. Stay true to yourself, it will be worth it in the end.” The hardest walk you can make is the walk you can make alone”. That is the walk which makes you strongest, it builds you. Remember “You cannot become what you want to be by remaining what you are”


To you who are battling through life, to you who are walking through life alone, to you who is going against nay-Sayers, STAY STRONG, KEEP GOING. 

 “The hardest walk leads to the greatest destinations”

“The toughest climb always leads to the best view”. If you do what needs to be done no matter what, right things will come to you, right people will come to you.


It is only when we take chances when our lives improve. The initial and the most difficult risk that we need to take is to become honest.

Walter Anderson




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