A new year, a new day, a new beginning, a new possibility.

In the previous year,

You had bright moments and the dark ones.

Hands which you held, bonds which you lost.  Memories created, tears shed. Looks which were made, the vision which did fade.  People who stayed, people who you lost. Emotions which were born, relations which were gone. Obstacles you climbed onto, abyss you fell into. Words spoken, hearts broken. Voices which you heard for the first time, voice which you heard for the last time. Love found, love lost.  Things which you cared, things which you spared. Situations you always wished for, situations you never wished for. The reality which mattered, illusions which were shattered.

Whatever happened, we can’t change it.

With every experience, it’s your choice to choose to whether you  become wounded or become wise.

It’s time.

From this day onwards, ask yourself; are you better than you were yesterday? Are you more open? Are you more joyful? Are you more receptive? Are you more compassionate? Are you more enhanced? Are you more alive?   By doing this, you wouldn’t just complete your new year resolution, you will be complete by yourself.

It’s time.

Shed away that layer of life that always troubled you.

Shed away that burden you have been carrying for years. It’s time to drop the bag.

Shed away that toxic life that suffocated you.

Shed away that pain, sadness, hatred, ego, jealousy.

Shed away those torturous moments you’ve been through.

Shed away that anger.

It’s time you move from mindscape to life scape. Peel away those layers. Drop the blanket of insecurity.

It’s time for you to invest your time, energy, life for the sake of you.

It’s time you realize the true potential of being human.

Let every moment be a new possibility.

Let every smile be a new opportunity

A new year, a new beginning, a new life, a new YOU.


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