Perspective simply means looking at thing from a different point of view. It is necessary in everyone’s life in all aspects of their life. “Everything you see is a perspective, not the truth.” Why is that so? When you look at things or incidents, you are looking them from your point of view. To understand how important having perspective in ones life; let’s consider a situation. A situation of an accident. This time play yourself into all the characters which would be mentioned here. Consider yourself as a passer-by on a vehicle. When you see the gathering of the people at that particular incident, the curiosity within you increases. (It is   human nature to be curious to know about things which we don’t know). Considering the spot incident, you try to deduce why the gathering occurred. As you approach the area, you see the incident where the accident took place. For a moment, somewhere deep within you, you would be a bit settled/relaxed (this happens within but can’t be expressed); why is that? Because you came to know about the incident which you were curious moments ago. At the same time, you look at the people involved in that accident. You see a few of them laying around calling for help. You see a few of them living through the pain. You see a few of them in shock. You see few of them confused. Viewing this incident, your curiousness would be settled ( at first) and soon you would have a feeling of pity-ness within you on them, a bit of sadness, a bit of anger, a bit of confusion, a bit of unsettled emotion; in short ; you’d be in a  cocktail of emotions “for a while”. As you are a passerby on the vehicle, for some distance this incident would haunt you. For some distance the emotions and thoughts within you would be unsettled. Later, when you see another situation where children are crossing the road near a stop/ students boarding a bus, soon you’d be back into your memories of school/college days and immediately a small smile arises in you. Immediately the incident which you saw earlier would be crossed over in your mind and an instant change in the thought process occurs. And later  in the day, when you reach your destination, you start to share this incident which  happened during your journey. And later in the day, the story would start fading, but the impact would remain within you. This is from the passer-by on a vehicle.

Now imagine yourself as the victim of the accident. During the start, you are in a state of total confusion and shock. Unable to process everything which happened within moments. A blank state of mind. Unable to decide or choose a particular action for a while, you became completely unaware of the things which are happening around you. Sooner or later, you came to your conscious and started to do the things you need to do. Emergency the first priority. You checked yourself and people who are  dear to at first. Hoping nothing happened to them you start to set your mind out. Your adrenaline is at peaks, everything you do and every thought you think of rushes through your blood. When you find yourself aware, you start to help the people dear to you first and then the people around. Every cell in your body is bursting with confusion and sudden shock. You have nothing in your mind except the incident which took place. Trying to recover from the shock.

Everything which is happening there, took place within seconds. When you as a passer-by wants to help the person who is in the spot of the incident, you need to involve yourself in their place at least for a moment and imagine the turmoil they are  going through at that particular moment. When you are completely involved (no forgetting your true self), You find it is more convenient that the person who needs help would be reliable on you completely without much friction. When you think from a different point of view, instead of taking actions based on emotions and hurry, you would do what you need to do.

Not just here; things go very much wrong in relationships. When you are in love and expect something, you feel beloved and sweet within when your expectations are fulfilled. But when the pan turns over, immediately without a second thought, you feel frustrated or sad at that particular moment. This isn’t a small thing. Consider incidents which happened to yourself. There was a situation where you were mad at the person you loved because they didn’t fulfill something you thought they would fulfill. Immediately, you’d be in some sort of mood-off situation. During a time, this thing led to a serious trouble in the relation.

Those moments, when they didn’t want to accept anything from you, any gifts from you, any words from you. Those moments, when you saw them getting close to someone else in the way they did when they got close to you, those moments when you see them doing other things with the people you always had a wrong feel on, those moments when you thought they are slipping away from you, those moments when you felt they are avoiding you, those moments when you feel like they are implementing things which you have taught, on someone else. Yes, you felt anger within you; yes, you felt sadness within you; yes, you felt depressed within you because you could neither say to them on what was happening within you, nor you could express them on someone else. Why? Because of the fear. A fear of losing them completely if you ask them; a fear that if you ask them, you might think that they would think you didn’t trust them; and that exact fear made you to go through depression.

Every second passed gave you more pain, every moment passed gave you those painful memories of seeing them avoiding/slipping away from you. You were completely confused, depressed, frustrated, loved; everything at the same time. You thought to divert yourself by some work, but later realized that wouldn’t work. When you sat or even when you work, you feel like they are near you and everything you do, everything you see would resemble them. Why is this so?

You need to observe this, you are stuck in a psychological cage which you built are built by your emotions. You need to observe carefully, every thought you think is the thing which has happened in the past. Your mind is just recycling things which were already done. You are literally suffering your memory and imagination. The two  greatest faculties of a human life. Once you realize that you are suffering something which happened long ago or something which is in your imagination, it is time you come out of that cage and view the things you are going through from a different perspective.

When you are in the eye of the storm, you feel like everything is wrong and everything is being  fallen apart. You need to realize one thing that, there is a life out of the storm. This devastating storm of yours was created by you, by recycling thoughts and emotions. Stand aside and think from the point of view of the person who is standing out of the storm and observing you.  When you observe another person going through the same things as you are going through, how do you feel at first? (I know, a bit of being happy and pitied). When you  observe the surface of their opinion of their situation, unconsciously you start to judge them and the people whom they have had in their life. Why is that you are judging some person whom you haven’t even met? Why is that you are judging a person based on someone’s statements which are made up of sentiments? You don’t know that person, you don’t know around which situation they grew up,  you don’t know their thought process, you don’t know their motives (or) morals/ethics, you don’t know what they have been through in their life, you don’t know why they did it and yet there, you decide and judge everything about them.  When you realize this, you would observe the same thing that is happening in your life. They shared things or incidents about their life with you. They shared their emotions with you. During that time, you didn’t bother to ask their thought process and their so called “ethics and morals” and now you wonder why they did the thing (being left alone) with you.

  Words are just symbols, meanings are generated in your mind. Everyone’s thought process is different. Each individual thinks everything differently and takes everything differently. According to you, you are right; and according to them, they are right. This isn’t a question about morality. This is a question about mentality.

Things change and so does thoughts and  actions.

“ Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

In this dynamic world, nothing is constant, neither a thought, nor a person.

If we want to point the fundamentals, what made them “like” you/ what made you like them in the first place? You liked something about them, their character, their behavior, their closeness, their this, their that…When you look at this closely, you are getting close to what you like and showing love towards it. Indirectly, you are selfish about the things you like. Only because of that you became close to that person,  because you wanted to fulfil that selfishness of liking within you. When you observe deeply, you are just trying to full-fill the sweetness of likeness through  emotions within you. You may not agree at first, but observe it deeply. What made you like a particular person? What made you dislike a particular person? What made you to decide between like-dislike? Even when you start to like a person, you try to look at that situation from your point of view. Did you ever try to observe from a different perspective at the beginning?   Why is that you can’t look the things and people the way they are? Why is that you want to fit a particular piece of puzzle in your life which was made by you?  Why is that you want your life to be a puzzle? You would only be puzzled if you can’t find all the pieces that you need in your life.

In your mind, you are the player who is playing this game of thoughts and emotions. You also need to realize that you are the observer too.  You are the player, you are the coach. Play the game, observe the moves. All you need to do is to observe.

“Do not look down to anything, don not look up to anything. Look at everything the way it is.”  As with things, so with people.

Don’t just look, but observe. Don’t just hear, but listen. Don’t just tell, but speak.

Once you observe the processes you are going through, a new dimension of realization would open up within you.

There are billions of people upon this planet we live on. Just observe your locality, increase the observation day by day. There are many people who are sick, differently abled, people living in poverty stricken areas, children who work hard just to earn some food. To survive.  People around you who went through hell, yet   they came out smiling. Crimes which take place every second; people dying every second; people loosing their dear ones; people dying for their country; people who are dying to fulfill a last wish of a dying person; people who are damped down. Look at them, then just observe yourself.

Do not feel anything; just realize  how glad you are, just realize how precious your life is, just realize how your precious life can make others life precious, just realize the life you live is the only life you have, just realize that there is  much more than what you think could exist. Just realize that there are all means made ready for you to survive, all you need to do is just live. If you fill your life with joyfulness, if you share the joy within you to everyone around you, if you are able to face even the toughest times of life with a smile, if you are able to greet death with a smile of joy, how wonderful being you could be?

“Your life is your making”


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