Life, a simple yet complex thing. Each one us leads different life. Each one of you have different opinion on life. We grew up in different environments. The environment we live in, the society we are in, the friends we are with, family with whom we are, everything is different. And of course  we have different mindsets accordingly. Each one of us are in different stages of life. One might have just fallen in love, one might have just fallen out of love, one might have received a word of trust, one may have broken their backs due to betrayal, one may be happy because they had a wonderful day, one may be sad because they had a bad day, one may have gotten into some addiction, one may have gotten out of addiction; many many things. Each of these incidents propelled by some kind of emotion let it be hate, like, lust, love, desire, vision, anger, jealousy that are inturn fueled by your thoughts.

Unless you realize thoughts and emotions are two different dimensions of life

The way you think is the very way you lead your life. Thoughts manifest reality. Once a thought is set in your Mindscape, it would find its way out in any possible means. Consider this for yourself. Consider the situations that you have had encountered in your past. Pick one situation where you planned something in your mind and have executed it that way. You weren’t expecting that, but you know it will be executed. And what was the result? Success? Consider another situation where you planned some situation in your mind, but this time it didn’t go as you thought it should’ve gone. What is the difference between these two incidents? Confidence? Or Clarity? Confidence and belief ; these things are necessary, but not always. During the first incident, how were you? Confident or clear? Was your vision of what you would be doing clear or were you confident that you had a clear vision? A clarity of thought led you towards a clear vision. Which in  turn built up the confidence.  On the other hand, during the second incident, clear or confused? Did you have a clarity of thoughts in that situation or were you in a confusion during that situation?

Now where did it this all happen? Within your mind right? Unless and until you have a clear vision in your Mindscape, nothing you think of would work.  It is important to have a clear perception of the moments you would encounter, thoughts you would handle and emotions that need to be flown. Whatever the thoughts and emotions may be; they are your’s.

Clear confusions are better than unclear conclusions.

However strong your designation may be, you still are in control of your thoughts and emotions. Every act you do, every word you speak is being emotionally numbed due to some or the other reason (or because of the other person), isn’t it so? Why is that you aren’t in charge of your thoughts and emotions? Being in charge here doesn’t mean you need to act stubborn or disciplined. That would simply make you look; from bundles of proton, neutron and electron to a moron. Being in charge just means being conscious of the decisions you make and the choices you take.

If you make your choices consciously, do you think being a bundle of joy a tough thing to be? If you handle your thoughts consciously, do you think being a being of awareness is a tough thing? If you choose your emotions consciously, don’t you think the chemicals in your body would produces the sweetness of life within you? Whatever act you do, do them consciously. Start by being conscious of your breath. The way you breathe determines the way you think which in turn determines the very way you are. Stay aware of the flow of breath. Notice the process of inhalation and exhalation. Stay aware of your breath for 10 minutes. You might find nothing important is occurring during the start, but remember breath is a very subtle wire. If the next inhalation stops, your body would start collapsing. A strong body, yet a fragile life.  Many forces are working to keep this piece of life alive. Observe one force, the breath. If you do this daily, from a subtle level, your consciousness would start raising. Slowly you would observe that you are having clearer thoughts. Do this any time in the day, any time. Even while reading this. Stay conscious of your breath. Observe yourself on how long you can be conscious of your breath. When you are trying to observe this, you aren’t just working with your breath, your very body is starting to change its behavior. When you are focusing on your breath, slowly you would find; all the traffic of heavy thoughts that is going in your mind would settle into its place. As you focus on your breath, you would find that you are finding peace within yourself. As you keep focusing, you can observe that you are entering into a state of stillness. Slowly your mind is becoming clear. Slowly are starting to feel calm. Slowly you are starting to hear the air you breath. Every thought you have, every emotion you feel; you can observe; they are settling down. Thoughts which were running in your mind continuously are starting to settle down. Focus upon it.

When you are conscious about your breath, automatically every thought you think would come under your awareness. Once you are aware of your thoughts, you start creating the sweetness of pleasantness within you through your emotions.  Once your emotions and thoughts are under your consciousness, every act you do would result in the way you want them to be (or even more beautiful).

Thoughts manifest reality. Once you create pleasantness within your mind space, every thought you act upon would find a clear path.

These thoughts don’t just help you, but also the people whom you influence. Once there is a drop of pleasantness within your life. An ocean of consciousness would spring up. Once you are conscious upon your act, do you think others would stop falling in love with you?

Your life is your making. Make it into a beautiful piece. Every second passed should be a beautiful moment. Be a bundle  of joy, automatically everything you ever want would come along with you.

Be conscious of your life. Be conscious of your actions.


8 thoughts on “ARE YOU A CONSCIOUS LIFE ?

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