Education, one of the most influential tool, which would enhance oneโ€™s life in a way that they could never imagine. A person needs to be educated such that they would be ready to handle the life which is exploding onto them. Education does not mean only to gain knowledge but to teach how to use when and where (wisdom).

The modern education system is completely messed up. Textbooks are useful, but what is the use if you try to memorize the whole textbook? In this generation, since a few generations, if a person needs to be tagged asย  โ€œEDUCATEDโ€ they need to sacrifice 20 years (or more) of their life. What are they being taught? How to rote memorize, how to work like a robot, how to follow the herd? ย Simply they are teaching you how to be a sheep. Ask for yourself, if you were given a chance to choose between selecting your own field with your own interest and following someoneโ€™s word and follow a particular field; which one would you choose among these? Would you like to explore life and be educated through your experience and exploration or do you like to be a sheep and follow the head in a single direction? Now, what have you been taught for 20 years of your life? It is a scientific fact that if you plant an idea in a 6-month-old baby, subconsciously it would grow into a โ€œmahavrikshโ€ (translates to massive tree). If you plant a bad thought, it would grow; if you plant a good thought, it would grow. A fertile land wouldnโ€™t care if a sweet seed is sowed or a poisonous seed. It would allow any seed to grow which is planted. The same goes for the subconscious mind. It would just run in the background without your conscious awareness. Even though you may get a new idea, it would just be a leaf on the tree which has its roots buried deep inside your mind. At this stage, if you teach a child to be disciplined, he/ she would grow (only with discipline). If you teach the child to explore; the life would be awakened. It is by the same method Hitler made an army of his own. What do you think this army led to? We all know the range of destruction that happened in the past. You can see here, how important education is in oneโ€™s life (and what kind of education too). Now, think for yourself, every idea that would pop up in your mind, every thought that you have/are having, what is the root of it? What are the morals/ethics that you follow? Did you create them or was it created by someone else? What are you and what are your thoughts? Thoughts are selfish, they control you. Unconsciously you are a slave to your thoughts. Thoughts are an accumulation of information.ย  Donโ€™t you think it is your right to think what you want to think? Are you consciously aware of your thought? A person on average has nearly 40,000 thoughts per day; are you aware of those? Of course, you are not in control of what happens around you, but you are in charge of what happens within you.

Every word you read, every word you hear, every word you speak are just symbols and sounds. The meaning only exists in your mind, isnโ€™t it? We are told to focus, concentrate, listen, think; but are we told how to do them? When we do them (upon saying), we just blindly read stuff and memorizing them in a rotten manner.

Blind regurgitation and rote memorization is not an education

Education means, to learn and explore the life within, not just gain knowledge about the external world. It is necessary to gain knowledge and develop the world, it is equally important to learn and handle the life within. If you try to handle the external world without knowing about yourself; you can see the consequences. Wars based on creed, greed, belief system. Not just that, every individual fights a war of their own; physiologically, psychologically and emotionally. How wonderful do you think life would be if every aspect of your life are for you and not against you. How wonderful would it be if they teach us how to think instead of teaching what to think.

You are bounded by the physical limitations, but you have an unbounded life within you.

โ€œIntelligence would take you from A to Z; imagination would take you elsewhere.โ€

A recent scientific study shows that, when a person undergoes 20 years of their formal education, their intelligence is dimmed drastically(that doesnโ€™t seem to be good news). They term this as, production of โ€œintelligent idiotsโ€; which is in fact true.

Education is not just about knowing life, it is about experiencing life.

One life. One chance. Make it beautiful.


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