Time, the never-ending tiks of the universe. What is time?  How did we come to know that something as time exists? What is the origin of time? What made time to exist in the first place? If time had a beginning it should have an end? Should it need have an end? How can something which always exists can have an end? Why time? What is a second? What is a minute? What is an hour? How did someone come to a conclusion with those terms? What is the past? What is present? Future? Where do they exist? Are they occurring at this moment? Or do they occur only when we think about them? When we sit down time passes, what exactly are we talking about? What exactly passes? If time originated from the big bang, what was before big bang? It is only because we know something like time, we are asking “before”, but what was maintaining “time” at that point of singularity? Where are we going with respect to time? Why is time so important in our life? What “times” are we talking about when we say time in our experience of life? What is the link between thoughts and time? Why do they make memories? What exactly are memories? Why do they repeat at an inappropriate time? Why do past things live in present? Why are people soo attached to their memories? What makes them not to leave it and what does happen if they leave it? why does time pass soo quickly when we are happy and slow when we are sad or depressed? How are these thoughts dilating and expanding the time? What exactly are thoughts when we consider a time when we add time to them? what are cycles of time? Can cosmic cycle effect life on earth? Can there be a timeless place? Can there be a thing which experience timeless-ness? Can we experience timeless-ness? Is time an illusion or is time a reality? What is reality? What reality are we talking about? With what respect and aspect of thing are we talking about the reality?

Let us begin with the statement, time is an illusionary construct of reality. How did we come to know that something such as time was existing? Lets us have a quick journey into the past to figure out how the ancients might have named the time components. If you observe the celestial arrangements you’ll come to know that something is repeating. The light is slowly faded into darkness as you made progress in search of food and shelter. Slowly you know, that this has happened always and you discovered the cyclic pattern of nature of the rotation of earth causing the shifts of day and night. Our ancestors might have done the same. They observed the skies soo intensely. As days passed, they realized that (by the occurrence of weather), months happened. Slowly they realized the occurrence of those patterns yearly. For sure they didn’t do it for some couple of years or so, but for centuries. It is only because something was cyclic time existed in our perspective. If Earth kept just wandering out of the orbit, what would time be? Where would we even be to ask this? Thousands of years ago, many didn’t know that time existed in the way we think which exists now. Right now, when we think of time, we generally think of numbers and patterns made by those hands on the clock. But, what exactly is time? The numbers and patterns you are telling are just the representation of time according to your perspective at the present, suppose, you take off your watch, let’s assume that you didn’t know what seconds, minutes and hours meant. When asked about time, what would you say? relative to whose perspective and relative to which “thing” would you give the time?


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