Ever had few moments that you sit in the corner crying and sobbing? Ever had this kind of experience that you feel low, messed up, or missed the things you need to do when there was time? Did you ever ask yourself why is your life the way it is now? Ever thought of how it should be? Well, then itโ€™s not too late to start good. The only things which matter in your whole life are the moments you live joyfully. The birth date is written on the left of the tombstone and the death is on the right, all that matters between your life and death is theย small line between life and death, a line of life, a line of moments, a line of time which you had with the people during your entire life. Make that life matter, make those moments matter, make your lifeย  valuable ,because,ย  rememberย  thereย  might alwaysย  beย  someone who wouldย  beย  walkingย  in yourย  footsteps . Show a clear path for them.ย 

Everybody thinks of doing this or doing that during their life,ย  but they regret that during life โ€™s end because all that they have been doing was just thinking of doing but not actually doing.ย  Everyone has ups and downs in their life, everyone falls, everyone fails, but the real failure is not falling down but refusing to get up. Life is rough, so you got to be tough.ย  Time keeps on passing, the tough times, the good time, painful moments, gross moments, embarrassing moments, life-shattering moments. What actually matters is what you have learned from them. The struggle you make now is the life you make in your future. Be aย  hustler but not a luck chaser.

Sometimes you may wonder what would people think of me if I do that or if I do this, but you’re forgetting yourself in them and stepping back. You are being identified with them unconsciously which is drawing you back down. Donโ€™t care about what others think of you, be how you have to be, do what you want to do in this life itself because you donโ€™t know what your future exactly might look like or when it even ends. Small or large things, start them now, start with the small thing not wasting any minute. Work hard(and smart) to bring the best. Sometimes it takes the worst pain to bring on the best change. Make mistakes and face failure but learn from them. Do what you love to do. Believe in yourself. Live in the moment (because where else can you even live?). Stop brooding over your past and start working for your future. You yourself need to live your life alone.

Sometimes none would give you their hand to bring you up when you’ve fallen. Gain the strength you need to raise independently. Just observe nature. When you just bury a seed inside the soil, after some time, depending on the seed which youโ€™ve buried, you get the sweetness in form of fruit. Observe this, the manure you put is not in the form of the fruit you want, the water you pour is not in the form of fruit you want, the light which you present to it is not of the fruit you want but in the end what do you get? The fruit which youโ€™ve desired always. Similarly, when you fix upon something, your short term goal, your long term goal or anything else, when you work for it, you may feel like, it is leading to nowhere, but when you keep on with the process you would someday be in the place you always wanted to be. Be dedicated to the process. Be a devote to the process, nothing else no one else. Be conscious of the process you are working upon. Do not give up. Let the grossest thing happen to you in your journey, but hold on to it until you achieve it. thoughts manifest reality. Be conscious of the seed your planting in your mind. Be conscious of what you are feeding to it. Work in silence and let your success make the noise because life is always like sunshine mixed with aย  little hurricane.


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