Did you ever have a thought that is there any person like you existing somewhere in the “beyond” universe? Did you ever had a hunch; did you ever feel that something, which is going to happen, has already happened within your mind? Did you ever had an experience that, something a new idea came into your mind but later felt that; that idea was always existing. Did you ever feel that someone is putting ideas inside your mind, a new thought suddenly sparks up in your mind like someone just slammed that idea into your mind. Is there a chance that some form of being is controlling us? Is there any other person in different part of the universe? How far would other universes be? Few light years away or few millimeters away. How would you in the other universe be? Are you in this universe is the same you in another universe? Is there any chance that, you in other universe is thinking about you in this universe as you are thinking about the other you in that universe? Which form of you would be present in that universe? Would ‘you’ in that universe be present on earth? Which planet would that ‘you’ be present on? Is it necessary that, that the other  ‘you’ should be present on a particular planet? Why not near a black hole?  How many universes are present? Could ‘you’ in this universe affect the other ‘you’ in another universe (s)?.is your past happening in that universe? Did your future already happen in a different region of space-time? What possibility of life in this universe are you experiencing in this universe? Is it the highest possibility or it is the infinitesimal? Which one is it? Can the other ‘you’ choices in another universe, affect you in this universe? What are actually you? Are you living being? Or are you a simulated being? What is reality? What is a simulation? What is an illusion? Is life an illusionary reality? Or is life a simulated reality? Are we programmed? Or do we have free will? What is free will? What is consciousness?

The term multiverse was first coined by an American philosopher and psychologist William James in the year 1895  in his book but in different context referring to nature. In the year 1952 Erwin Schrodinger gave a lecture where he said that his equations described several different histories which were not alternate but were happening simultaneously. Multiverse simply means multiple universes. So, What is the difference between the multiverse and parallel universe? Parallel universes exist within the multiverse, they may be of the same frequency but could be vibrating in a different dimension. Many scientists, philosophist, and many others have a different view upon this word, multiverse. Multiverse is not just a word, for few people, it’s a living reality. So, what does modern science say about multiverse? Well, according to it, there are different types in multiverse. Yes, types of multiverse. Max Tegmark, a cosmologist from MIT classified multiverse into 4 levels.

In LEVEL-I multiverse, it is just an extension of our universe, it is identical with our universe, it has the same volume and entropy. It depends upon Hubble’s volume. this kind of universe just stays in 3 dimensions of space ( and 1 dimension of time).

In LEVEL-II, the universes are of different physical constants. We know about the inflation theory. This level suggests that, in LVL-II, the universes stop inflating and forms into a bubble.

In LEVEL-III, this multiverse is based upon the many worlds interpretation concept of quantum mechanics. It was proposed by Hugh Everett III an American physicist. This kind of multiverse lives in another quantum branch which is of infinite dimensional Hilbert space.

In LEVEL-IV, this is Tegmark’s own hypothesis. He states that this kind of universe(s) would be of different mathematical structures. As we observe in nature, there are few similarities between the human eye and the structure of a galaxy, the neuron map of their brain and the cosmic web, Fibonacci sequence in the sunflowers, the structure of spiral galaxies, the number of leaves on a plant and many more. Who knows? Maybe the universe with different mathematical structures might have some completely different structure, where the life itself may not be of human form. Tegmark states that the LVL-IV universe is the ultimate Ensemble i.e, any other kind of multiverse would come under this level.

Another great scientist, Brian Greene a theoretical physicist, string theorist, mathematician and a cosmologist at the Columbia University proposed 9 types of the multiverse which could exist.

QUILTED:  It states that multiverse exists only in an infinite universe with an infinite amount of space.

INFLATIONARY: It states that inflation fields collapse and forms new universe(s).

BRANE: Popularly known as a membrane, states that the universe exists in a membrane, which floats in a higher dimension or in a bulk structure.

CYCLIC: States that, the universe we know of, neither has a beginning nor has an end instead the universe we know was always existing and would continue to exists within the same cycle.

LANDSCAPE: It relies on Calabi-Yau spaces. It states that a pocket with a different set of laws from its surroundings was formed due to quantum fluctuations, which dropped the shapes into lower energy levels.

QUANTUM:  It states that new universes are created when diversion in events occurs.

HOLOGRAPHIC: It states that the surface area of space can simulate the entire universe. Our universe can be a projection of a higher dimensional structure into this 3-dimensional world.

ULTIMATE:  Contains every mathematically possible universe.

CYCLIC THEORY: It sates different cyclic models or oscillating models which in turn states that this universe is a consequence of constant cyclic occurrence.

There are still many other theories such as the Steinhardt-Turok model, the Baum Frampton model, conformal cyclic cosmology, loop quantum cosmology and many more.

Till date, no one knows what is the true existence of this universe we live in. theories and types listed above can’t be said true as no proofs are yet found.

 No choice can be neglected, no question can be ignored. The one thing that pops out of all these theories is the conformal cyclic cosmology. In ancient Indian cosmology, it is stated that the universe is cyclic and repeats itself every 311.04 trillion years ( according to Vedas). There are different time zones which were identified in these cycles, the Yugas. Each of them, which were explained in ancient sculptures, there is a direct connection between the times of the Yugas and the intelligence on earth. There is a direct connection with ancient cosmology and the modern cosmology.

“Modern thinking is that time did not start with the big bang, and that there was a multiverse even before the big bang. In the inflation theory, and in string theory, there were universes before our big bang, and that big bangs are happening all the time. Universes are formed when bubbles collide or fission into smaller bubbles.”

Michio Kaku  

So where is another universe? No one could answer it as of now. It may be trillions of light years away or it may be just a millimeter away which are vibrating at a different frequency, the other ‘you’ maybe just beside you but in a different dimension. There is a possibility. There is also a possibility that, the choices you take in this universe may affect the choices you have made in another universe. Maybe your proposal for love was n’t accepted here, there are chances that, at some place in this vast cosmos, you are living with your love. Why is that it is positive there and negative here? There’s nothing positive and negative here. You might have missed colliding a vehicle here, but somewhere there, you died because of that collision. You may have died in some universe and there are chances that you are born in this universe. Maybe, there is a chance that, the energy in you is traveling across this vastness of cosmos in various forms and your form is one among it.

For ancient cosmology reference

Click to access Ancient%20Indian%20Cosmology_Gombrich.pdf



      1. Later as in age from birth, or later as in number of incarnations? There are always questions. Are there always answers?
        You are right on top of things, 11 months after you published your post. I am amazed.

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        1. Later as in the terms of maturity or we can say later as in the terms of perception. Yes, there are innumerable number of questions but even i am finding the answers I possibly can with enhanced perspectives as I grow on.
          The thirst for knowing, experiencing and sharing life never dries within me. 😃 Thanks ✌


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