The butterfly effect, once in a while we all heard this term which goes as when a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world storms are generated in other parts. It’s partially true (false, if taken literally). This effect was accidentally discovered by Edward Lorenz when he was working in the simulations for weather conditions. He made a minute change while giving inputs which accidentally gave a completely unexpected output. The output resembled the flapping wings of a butterfly, hence the name. Small changes in initial states/conditions may result in a larger change in future states. This is one of the concept among chaos theory in mathematics.

Weirdly enough, this accidental discovery has some deep insight into the very nature of human life itself. Initial change. Did it ever happen to you that due to small things like uncontrollable anger , misunderstandings, ignoring, slip of words, harsh acts, some small tiny acts from touching of the fingers to holding of the hands, small changes; from looking into each other’s eyes with love to being scared to look into each other’s eyes, from being excited to see a person to being afraid to see the exact same person, from a mis-said words to breaking up of life, and many more, did they ever happen to you? Did you atleast look at the moments and realize what went wrong? And after realizing that, sometimes did you feel that how can you be soo, stupid or ignorant enough to do that?… Didn’t it ever happen to you that, small changes from a person is raising stroms in your life? Didn’t you ever feel the person being slipped away slowly from your hand, that same person who held your hand strong when you were weak? How did you feel? How did you change? What caused the change? Was it a simple thought or was it a manipulative thought? Was it a casual word or was it a mean word which you mean it? Was it a normal understanding or was it a mis-understanding? Small changes within a person or group of people we are with, didn’t it lead to a drastic change within us? Did you change or did you transform? How can something common in nature could involve this deeply into our lives? How can something soo freely available in nature is observed only when we are into something? How can something, as little as an ant crossing a river on a leaf would build up incredible confidence in us when observed closely? How can something such as a leaf falling from a tree teach many things about our life? Did you anytime spend some time with yourself to observe the nature within you? Did you anytime spend some time for yourself? Not being lonely, but being alone. Alone with you and yourself.

Your life is your karma;

Your life is your actions.

Some small words, small actions, small works we do can change someone’s life and in turn our lives soo deeply. Whatever you do, do them consciously. Bring out the conscious soul within you in every simple act in your life. Just realize the wonders nature can do. Just realize the wonders of nature of life which is within you can do. What you speak, however you act just do them consciously with some concern. Look how wonderful life would become. Pain, suffering, moments, these are all the fragments of your memory which are being recycled constantly. Once you realize that, stop paying attention to it. Thoughts cannot survive if no attention is paid to them. When that happens Slowly everything will settle down to normal.

Little things seems to  be of small value, but they are the ones which matters the most.

_ A Cosmic being

The life within you is bursting out with ecstasy, just realize the energy of your soul and feel it.


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