LIFE, what exactly do we mean by life?  How can we decide that something has life in it or not? What is the individual definition of life? Where did the life we know come from? What exactly is the purpose of one’s life? how can we call something as living and some other thing as nonliving when everything is made up of the same energy? Is there any life in the different region of this space we live in? what exactly do we mean by the term alien? What drives this life? What does consciousness mean? Where can we find it? How do we access it?

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.”


Life, one of the simplest yet the most complicated question hovering in all of our brains.  Did you ever look at your body with utmost attention? What did you see? Life, as we know, came was brought on earth by asteroids which showed in thousands on earth billions of years ago. What made life possible on earth? What is the fundamental matter which made life on earth to evolve? WATER. Earth was formed nearly 4.5 billion years ago, it is expected that life on earth, i.e. a being with consciousness started to form on earth 500,000 years after the formation of the earth. The first signs of life were dated back into the ocean vents from where the life as we know originated. Those single-celled creatures started to evolve in various environmental conditions . from single-celled microorganisms prokaryotes to this complex human form. Now, what do you think drove a  single-celled creature to attain this complex form?

β€œThe outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Other people’s perception of you is a reflection of them; your response to them is an awareness of you.”

― Roy T. Bennett

In rough, if you consider a 1cm line, within it there are nearly 100,000,000 atoms( considering they are 1Angstrom (or 10-10 m apart)). That is just within 1 cm. 99.999999999999%  of atoms is just empty space.  What we know of now is that there is an occurrence of quantum fluctuations within that place. Within the atom, there are electrons around the nucleus. Nucleus has protons and neutrons and those protons and neutrons and in turn, made of quarks. These quarks interact with each other by gluons. The size gets smaller and smaller as we go deeper and deeper.  Only when a certain subatomic particle vibrates at a certain frequency, it could form a particle, when these group of particles vibrating at a certain frequency they form a molecule, when groups of molecules are in coordination or when they vibrate with a particular frequency, they for a structure or a thing. What makes they vibrate at a certain frequency and considering the humungous quantity of atoms, what makes them have coordination among them? Like how can each particle know how to vibrate and to which particle they should get entangled with? With the consciousness of those tiny subatomic particles, cant we say that each atom is experiencing its life in its own way? And when we come to this body, this structure of the human body, when you deeply examine, you can find every tiny piece on your body has a function of its own. If we say, they occur because they have DNA in it, where did it come from and what chose to that on DNA can possess certain kind of memory?  From where did RNA come into existence which is the root of DNA? What makes them function in such a way that every structure, the heart, lungs, kidneys, the brain has a specifically designed shape?

“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Now cant we say that every microorganism on our body is functioning its life on us which keeps this body alive?  Now, what makes us choose what to decide or know that these things exist. Now, don’t you think some beings existed in the past, some 100,000 years ago or so who might have figured out the existence of the universe? Yes, people in ancient times ( ancient times here is nearly 60,000-80,000 years) did figure these out which can be seen in ancient manuscripts. There is a conscious dimension which drives our lives. Spirituality, nothing but realizing the things the way they are. Ever wondered the mechanism of this human body?  how efficiently it works unconsciously without our interference, breathing,   heart pumping blood, millions of blood cells dying in spleen and millions of them forming in the bone marrow at the same time, visually taking the light and converting the light to electric impulse in brain which gives us the sense of vision, hearing the minute noise and sound even without our knowledge, heart maintaining a perfect rhythm every minute, skin shedding continuously every night and being reformed ever day, releasing digestive enzymes and acids during the process of digestion. How wonderful the process of this body is. Yet we don’t recognize this and live in our own psychologically created world. How would you feel when you touch the life within you which makes you up? Don’t you think most of the suffering and pain would end immediately? Ask yourself, all the sufferings which you have been through, are they occurring within you or outside you? They are occurring within you. Happiness, calmness,  sadness and many others which you have been through has occurred within you. Now, don’t you think that the very energies which make up the life are within you? How wonderful and blissful you’d be once you realize the conscious nature of a human being? The word human being itself provokes the inner dimension of consciousness within us; being human.

β€œWe are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” 

Carl Sagan

 The molecules present in your body are present in this vast cosmos. The hydrogen in your body is same as the hydrogen which is fueling the sun.  The water in your body contains the same molecules which brought life on earth billions of years ago. Those molecules which came on earth by asteroids which were traveling through this cosmos with vast speeds and covering great distances, they are within you. Are you receptive enough to feel them? Are you sensitive enough to feel the nature around you and the nature in you? Here sensitivity means not any kind of emotional reaction or feeling insure or nothing of such sort but just realizing consciously the very air you breathe, the land you walk on, the water you drink. Just be sensitive enough to feel them in your life, because you too are made up of them. Your body is nothing but an accumulation of food, the food which came from the seeds which were buried deep under the earth. You yourself are the earth which is walking on the planet and exploring the vastness of the cosmos. Once these fundamental elements are realized consciously in every part of your life, automatically your emotional, physiological and psychological ailments would be set into a normal state.

This planet has nearly 7 million species on it, each of different nature but only the human species was given the capabilities to explore higher dimensions of life. Birds, they automatically navigate their way across vast oceans; ants, build massive ant hills which are perfectionized in their own way. Snakes, ants, dolphins, dogs almost every species can sense the occurrence of any natural calamities. Being a human, why don’t you think we can feel the very earth we live on? It is just we ignored the fact that nature’s design and the path of life it has made and just live in our psychological world. If you take an image of the impulse activities which are occurring in your brain, you can see that it is similar to the cosmic web. If you observe your eye carefully, you can see that there are nebulae out there in space which resembles it. If you observe the very nature itself, the patterns which are repeating, you would know that the vastness of cosmos within you. We just need to look at the inner dimensions of the life which are waiting to be explored. Once you break down the barriers which are made by your mind, your life would enter the dimensions unknown. Very feels of body, mind, and emotions are transcended into the realm of ecstasy. They say ignorance is bliss, but remember, the pain of ignorance is even more blissful. It’s very hard for a human to accept that they don’t know something, once you start to accept it, the true nature of the life itself would burst out into existence from within you.

Once the true nature of being a human is realized, all of the unanswered questions of the self and the world, all the mysteries of life and death would be answered by you within you.



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