A Hope For Future

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Dear people,

We live in a country where a student is still judged by their marks and so-called grades.

The education system is broken and corrupted.

When asked, No One would answer anything and remain quite as they too came from this rotten education system. The same old syllabus, same old theoretical classroom lectures, the same old mindset. No change would come into this system unless you understand yourself and stand up against this.

Blind regurgitation and rote memorization is not an education.

Dear faculty, we do understand the stress kept upon you to make us focus on our subjects but please do understand that the system is broken.

Tell us how to think but not what to think.

Make us learn something instead of rote studying something. The classroom regulation, the college regulations, these all are corrupted.

Indulge us in the subject instead of just teaching it. See each student individually and help us to make a career.

β€œTell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”― Benjamin Franklin

Dear students and friends,

Since 20 years we have been taught the same thing, study and put them down in exams. Forget that.

Take a moment, as yourself what you want to become, listen to your inner you and search for your passion. You have got the best weapon anyone can have. The internet. Browse on what you want to do, search different fields and make a trail where they would lead you. Hold on to that field. There might be family and society stress on you, but remember it’s your life and it’s you who needs to live it. Walking on someone’s word would just lead you to be their puppet.

The best way to know something is to question everything .

Everybody is a genius ” – Albert Einstein

You have the most complex object in the universe lying on your shoulders, your brain. It’s a weapon. Train It in the way you need to live.

They might say,” your still a kid listen to elders and follow us”.

Many did and yet the world we live in didn’t change.

Prove them wrong by following your passion and succeeding in it. Remember success is achieved through failures, don’t demotivate yourself. Try it until you achieve it.

Relations, friends, family, yes we do need them. But don’t forget yourself indulging into that relation. You raise and make them raise along with you.

Your mind is a weapon, keep it loaded.

Be motivated, but be driven.


2 thoughts on “A Hope For Future

  1. Hey bro this is superb one .
    But I have one doubt will there be a change in students only by written words.Yes of course everyone does know about the problem but coz of the scare or fear which they had grew in them it a bit strong we may also need something moree I think…………..?????


    1. Self governance, thinking independently, questioning everything and having a curiosity to do something. If they have these in them, yes they will have the power to not only change themselves but the world too.


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