The Imaginary Moment

It was just another normal day. There was an event being held. Unplanned, she met me in an area we didnt think we would meet. It was daytime, the sun was blazing the beam to its full power. We didn’t knew where to go as the event wouldn’t start until evening. She went with her friends. I was roaming out there, talking with the sun on how the wether might be tomorrow. Spent my noon a mile away from the event area, not knowing where I was going. A small unusual surge of energy spike poked my back, felt like someone is calling or waiting for me somewhere. Following the path made by universe within, I came back to the same area where we met for the first time. It was a wicked feeling.

The army of clouds marched the skies cooling the environment around as the sun hid behind them. It was 6:00 pm, sounds of the Inauguration were being boomed. And hour passed by.

The moon which was hiding behind the cool clouds, slowly slided beside as she came in, which made the place a palace. Her sparkling eyes, under the night light , stabbed my soul with the petals of her smile. A sweet breeze blew by us as we were getting closer. Walked side by side as our pinky fingers touched beside. Her voice was the only music I heard during the noise.

Late night, we were on our way to home. Stood by a stall to get a sweet ice cream.

The night was bright,we were on our way when the cool breeze passing, combed her hair which made my heart jiggle. A small selfless talk made my soul brighten more. The moment she held my hand, the universe within had another big bang. Through the rattling night her eyes made me delight.

The journey was about to end but the way she glazed into my soul while leaving, told it was the beginning of something which wouldn’t end.


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