Neteru (Guiding Law/Principle) For April 21, 2018: PTAH

Message From PTAH: Man has a dual existence, so he is constantly at war with himself. There is a physical self and a spiritual self. Some call these aspects the higher and lowerself or the darkness and the light. No matter the name the war is the same in all. There is a part of you that urges you to do right, be kind, be loving, care for others, we are all connected and live in the truth. This is the spiritual half of self. Then there is a side of you, that tells you to lie, that lives physical sensations, that thinks only of its selfish self, that urges you to acquire as much physical wealth as possible because that’s the only goal of life. This is the physical self, it lives only for physical things and has no awareness of the higher aspects of its being.

Everyone has these two selves. But not everyone is at the same place when it comes to the development of their awareness raising above their base desires and instincts. Some people are more in tune with their higherselves and they live in universal attunement with the law and principles of the universe. And some people are more in tune with the lower aspects of their beings and they live simply to gain earthly pleasures and success. The war is the same in everyone, one half pulls you towards the higher path and the other half pulls you towards the lower. The one you listen to the most determines your souls journey in relation to its karmic experiences not just in this life, but in every manifestation of your soul across the multiple planes of existence.

There will come a time when you, who are reading these words right now, will be dead and gone. Your experience will stop. You have a birth date and you will have a death date. But your soul will journey on. So you may not even experience the consequences for some of your actions, because your current manifestation may have come to its conclusion. But it’s not about your experience, it’s about your soul and your soul will reap everything you sow. You are only an illusion, because there will come a time when you will not exist. You had a beginning and you will have an ending.

The definition of truth is that which will always exist. And you Soul will always exist. Your soul is the reality. Your soul has existed and will continue to exist for an eternity, striving to reach a state of perfection. Your soul is the higherself and you reading this right now are the lowerself. Why do you think that you are in the lowest position, which is in the physical? Learn to listen to your soul and stop listening to yourself. You can make that journey easier or harder. You have the power to shift. This is your creation at this point. You are in the driver seat. The choice is yours.


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