β€Œ P. S. Offensive but deep.

Who are friends?

Not the dog fucking backstabbers, not the son of…, not the people who just let you be alone, not the shit heads who leave you, not the suckers who come to us when they need anything for them, not the blood fkers who copy your ideas, not that kind of bitch keepers who leave you in your hard times, not that kind of person who crits you,not that person who leaves you when the world stands against you, not that person whose presence with you makes you cry,.. No not that person.

There is a saying

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Is it in deed?

Find that kind of person who feels you, find that kind of person who comes all the way along with you, find that person who is with you in our hard times, find that person who gives his hand in your hard work, find that kind of person with whom shares their feelings with you and understands them,that person who stands with you and for u when the world is against you, find that person whose presence made you smile even in worst days, find that person to whom you could never say goodbye, that person to whom which good bye is the hardest word and Hi is the strongest word to say. Similarly be one.


3 thoughts on “ROUGH

  1. This stuff is absolutely truee bro
    I think u have at least one after a long struggle I think I had started my struggle since few months I couldn’t know the people changing surrounding me and now I understood that wat I see
    Is not true wat I hear is also not truee and finally left alone by the fake frnds with mask of good 😧

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